merTools: Tools for Analyzing Mixed Effect Regression Models

Provides methods for extracting results from mixed-effect model objects fit with the 'lme4' package. Allows construction of prediction intervals efficiently from large scale linear and generalized linear mixed-effects models.

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AuthorJared E. Knowles [aut, cre], Carl Frederick [aut]
Date of publication2016-12-12 18:30:31
MaintainerJared E. Knowles <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

averageObs: Find the average observation for a merMod object

buildModelMatrix: Build model matrix

collapseFrame: Collapse a dataframe to a single average row

draw: Draw a single observation out of an object matching some...

expectedRank: Calculate the expected rank of random coefficients that...

fastdisp: Display model fit summary of merMod objects, fast

FEsim: Simulate fixed effects from merMod 'FEsim' simulates fixed...

findFormFuns: 'findFormFuns' used by averageObs to calculate proper...

formulaBuild: Clean formula

hsb: A subset of data from the 1982 High School and Beyond survey...

ICC: Calculate the intraclass correlation using mixed effect...

levelfun: Parse merMod levels

merModList: Apply a multilevel model to a list of data frames

merTools: merTools: Provides methods for extracting and exploring...

mkNewReTrms: Utility function to make RE terms objects

modelFixedEff: Extract averaged fixed effect parameters across a list of...

modelInfo: Extract model information from a merMod

modelRandEffStats: Extract data.frame of random effect statistics from merMod...

plotFEsim: Plot the results of a simulation of the fixed effects

plotREsim: Plot the results of a simulation of the random effects

predictInterval: Predict from merMod objects with a prediction interval

print.merModList: Print the results of a merMod list

randomObs: Select a random observation from model data

REcorrExtract: Extract the correlations between the slopes and the...

REextract: Extracts random effects

REimpact: Calculate the weighted mean of fitted values for various...

reOnly: Random Effects formula only

REquantile: Identify group level associated with RE quantile

REsdExtract: Extract the standard deviation of the random effects from a...

REsim: Simulate random effects from merMod 'REsim' simulates random...

reTermCount: Count the number of random effect terms

reTermNames: Get names of random effect terms in a model object

RHSForm: Parse merMod formulas

RMSE.merMod: Estimate the Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE) for a lmerMod

sanitizeNames: Clean up variable names in data frames

setup_parallel: Set up parallel environment

shinyMer: Launch a shiny app to explore your merMod interactively

shuffle: Randomly reorder a dataframe

stripAttributes: Remove attributes from a data.frame

subBoot: Bootstrap a subset of an lme4 model

subsetList: Subset a data.frame using a list of conditions

superFactor: Create a factor with unobserved levels

thetaExtract: Extract theta parameters from a merMod model

VarCorr.merModList: Extract the variances and correlations for random effects...

wiggle: Assign an observation to different values


averageObs Man page
bglmerModList Man page
blmerModList Man page
buildModelMatrix Man page
collapseFrame Man page
draw Man page
draw.merMod Man page
expectedRank Man page
fastdisp Man page
FEsim Man page
findFormFuns Man page
formulaBuild Man page
glmerModList Man page
hsb Man page
ICC Man page
levelfun Man page
lmerModList Man page
merTools Man page
merTools-package Man page
mkNewReTrms Man page
modelFixedEff Man page
modelInfo Man page
modelRandEffStats Man page
plotFEsim Man page
plotREsim Man page
predictInterval Man page
print.merModList Man page
randomObs Man page
REcorrExtract Man page
REextract Man page
REimpact Man page
reOnly Man page
REquantile Man page
REsdExtract Man page
REsim Man page
reTermCount Man page
reTermNames Man page
RHSForm Man page
RMSE.merMod Man page
sanitizeNames Man page
setup_parallel Man page
shinyMer Man page
shuffle Man page
stripAttributes Man page
subBoot Man page
subsetList Man page
superFactor Man page
thetaExtract Man page
VarCorr.merModList Man page
wiggle Man page


inst/shiny-apps/shinyMer/ui.R inst/shiny-apps/shinyMer/server.r inst/shiny-apps/shinyMer/global.R
inst/doc/Using_predictInterval.R inst/doc/merToolsIntro.R
tests/timings/predictSpeed.R tests/timings/Compare_bootMer_KF.R tests/timings/test_fastdisp.R tests/testthat.R
tests/testthat/test_subboot.R tests/testthat/test_expectedRank.R tests/testthat/test_substEff.R tests/testthat/test_seeds.R tests/testthat/test_plots.R tests/testthat/test_predict.R tests/testthat/test_merModList.R tests/testthat/test_merData.R tests/testthat/test_merExtract.R tests/testthat/test_helpers.R
R/shinyMer.R R/merExtract.R R/helpers.R R/merTools-package.r R/parallel.R R/subBoot.R R/merList.R R/merSubstEff.R R/merExpectedRank.R R/merPredict.R R/merFastDisplay.R R/merPlots.R R/zzz.R R/merData.R
man/buildModelMatrix.Rd man/REquantile.Rd man/mkNewReTrms.Rd man/reOnly.Rd man/hsb.Rd man/REsim.Rd man/RHSForm.Rd man/shinyMer.Rd man/stripAttributes.Rd man/averageObs.Rd man/expectedRank.Rd man/formulaBuild.Rd man/modelFixedEff.Rd man/levelfun.Rd man/thetaExtract.Rd man/print.merModList.Rd man/RMSE.merMod.Rd man/plotREsim.Rd man/modelInfo.Rd man/subBoot.Rd man/modelRandEffStats.Rd man/randomObs.Rd man/subsetList.Rd man/draw.Rd man/merModList.Rd man/VarCorr.merModList.Rd man/collapseFrame.Rd man/predictInterval.Rd man/wiggle.Rd man/REsdExtract.Rd man/REimpact.Rd man/FEsim.Rd man/reTermCount.Rd man/findFormFuns.Rd man/merTools.Rd man/plotFEsim.Rd man/sanitizeNames.Rd man/setup_parallel.Rd man/fastdisp.Rd man/REextract.Rd man/REcorrExtract.Rd man/reTermNames.Rd man/superFactor.Rd man/ICC.Rd man/shuffle.Rd

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