Man pages for merTools
Tools for Analyzing Mixed Effect Regression Models

averageObsFind the average observation for a merMod object
buildModelMatrixBuild model matrix
collapseFrameCollapse a dataframe to a single average row
drawDraw a single observation out of an object matching some...
expectedRankCalculate the expected rank of random coefficients that...
famlinkFind link function family
fastdispfastdisp: faster display of model summaries
FEsimSimulate fixed effects from merMod 'FEsim' simulates fixed...
fetch.merMod.msgsExtract all warning msgs from a merMod object
findFormFuns'findFormFuns' used by averageObs to calculate proper...
fixef.merModListExtract fixed-effects estimates for a merModList
formulaBuildClean formula
hsbA subset of data from the 1982 High School and Beyond survey...
ICCCalculate the intraclass correlation using mixed effect...
levelfunParse merMod levels
merModListApply a multilevel model to a list of data frames
merToolsmerTools: Provides methods for extracting and exploring...
mkNewReTrmsUtility function to make RE terms objects
modelFixedEffExtract averaged fixed effect parameters across a list of...
modelInfoExtract model information from a merMod
modelRandEffStatsExtract data.frame of random effect statistics from merMod...
plotFEsimPlot the results of a simulation of the fixed effects
plotREsimPlot the results of a simulation of the random effects
plot_sim_error_chksExtract all warning msgs from a merMod object
predictIntervalPredict from merMod objects with a prediction interval
print.merModListPrint the results of a merMod list
print.summary.merModListPrint the summary of a merMod list
randomObsSelect a random observation from model data
ranef.merModListExtract random-effects estimates for a merModList
REcorrExtractExtract the correlations between the slopes and the...
REextractExtracts random effects
REimpactCalculate the weighted mean of fitted values for various...
reOnlyRandom Effects formula only
REquantileIdentify group level associated with RE quantile
REsdExtractExtract the standard deviation of the random effects from a...
REsimSimulate random effects from merMod 'REsim' simulates random...
reTermCountCount the number of random effect terms
reTermNamesGet names of random effect terms in a model object
RHSFormParse merMod formulas
RMSE.merModEstimate the Root Mean Squared Error (RMSE) for a lmerMod
sanitizeNamesClean up variable names in data frames
setup_parallelSet up parallel environment
shinyMerLaunch a shiny app to explore your merMod interactively
shuffleRandomly reorder a dataframe
stripAttributesRemove attributes from a data.frame
subBootBootstrap a subset of an lme4 model
subsetListSubset a data.frame using a list of conditions
summary.merModListSummarize a merMod list
superFactorCreate a factor with unobserved levels
thetaExtractExtract theta parameters from a merMod model
VarCorr.merModListExtract the variances and correlations for random effects...
wiggleAssign an observation to different values
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