averageObs: Find the average observation for a merMod object

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Extract a data frame of a single row that represents the average observation in a merMod object. This function also allows the user to pass a series of conditioning argument to calculate the average observation conditional on other characteristics.


averageObs(merMod, varList = NULL, origData = NULL, ...)



a merMod object


optional, a named list of conditions to subset the data on


(default=NULL) a data frame containing the original, untransformed data used to call the model. This MUST be specified if the original variables used in formula function calls are NOT present as 'main effects'.


not used currently


Each character and factor variable in the data.frame is assigned to the modal category and each numeric variable is collapsed to the mean. Currently if mode is a tie, returns a "." Uses the collapseFrame function.


a data frame with a single row for the average observation, but with full factor levels. See details for more.

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