metRology: Support for Metrological Applications

Provides classes and calculation and plotting functions for metrology applications, including measurement uncertainty estimation and inter-laboratory metrology comparison studies.

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AuthorStephen L R Ellison <>.
Date of publication2016-11-02 17:52:16
MaintainerStephen L R Ellison <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

algA: Robust estimation of location and scale using Algorithm A

algS: 'Algorithm S' - robust estimate of pooled standard deviation

apricot: Collaborative study results for fibre content in an apricot... Barplot of Mandel's h or k statistics Box plot of Mandel's h or k statistics

buildCor: Functions to build correlation and covariance matrices.

chromium: Chromium data for two different materials included in an...

contribs: Extract contributions from an 'uncert' object.

cov.dellipse: Constructs a covariance and location object for use in...

cplot: Consistency plot for Key Comparisons

data.ellipse: Construct data ellipses suitable for use with Youden plots.

dmandelh: Mandel's h statistic.

dmandelk: Mandel's k statistic.

drop1.uncert: Single variable deletions from the uncertainty budget.

dsl: derSimonian-Laird estimator

dtri: The triangular distribution.

dt.scaled: Scaled and shifted t distribution.

duewer.plot: Duewer concordance/apparent precision plot

Extract.ilab: The 'ilab' class.

gplot: Grouped plots of type "h"

GUM: Propagation of Measurement Uncertainty for Typical Metrology...

GUM.H.1: Example H.1 from the _Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty...

GUM.validate: Monte Carlo Check on the Statistical Performance of GUM...

ilab: The 'ilab' class.

kplot: Dot-and-bar plot for Key Comparisons

LCS: LCS: Largest consistent subset

loc_est: The location estimate class

mandel.h: Calculate Mandel's h statistics for replicate observations

mandel.k: Calculate Mandel's k statistics for replicate observations Calculate Mandel's h and k statistics for replicate...

M-estimates: M- and MM-estimators for location.

methods.ilab: Methods for the 'ilab' class.

metRology-package: Support for Metrological Applications

metRology_pkg-internal: Internal metRology objects

mle.1wre: Vangel-Rukhin Maximum Likelihood Estimate

mpaule: Mandel-Paule calculation

msd: Median scaled difference

Pb: Lead in wine

plot.d.ellipse: Plot data ellipses Classical plots of Mandel's statistics.

plot.uncert: Plot method for 'uncert' objects

plot.uncertMC: Plot method for 'uncertMC' objects

pmsd: Median scaled difference probabilities and quantiles

pmsd.xnorm: Internal functions for package RKC.

potassium: Potassium data for two different materials included in an...

rbind.ilab: Combine 'ilab' objects

reml_loc: Restricted maximum likelihood estimate of location

RMstudy: Collaborative study results for metals in a reference...

uncertainty: Uncertainty estimation functions

uncert_class: The 'uncert' class

uncertMC: Monte Carlo evaluation of measurement uncertainty.

uncertMC_class: The 'uncertMC' class

update.uncert: Update and recalculate an uncertainty estimate

vr.mle: Vangel-Rukhin Maximum Likelihood Estimate

w.s: Welch-Satterthwaite effective degrees of freedom

xs.plot: Mean/Standard deviation plot with confidence region.

youden.plot: Youden plots


algA Man page
algS Man page
apricot Man page Man page Man page
buildCor Man page
buildCov Man page
cbind Man page
cbind.default Man page
cbind.ilab Man page
chromium Man page
c.ilab Man page
construct.ilab Man page
contribs Man page
cov.dellipse Man page
cplot Man page
data.ellipse Man page
d.ellipse Man page
dmandelh Man page
dmandelk Man page
dplot Man page
drop1.uncert Man page
drop1.uncertMC Man page
dsl Man page
dsl.default Man page
dtri Man page
dt.scaled Man page
duewer.plot Man page
duewer.plot.default Man page
Extract.ilab Man page
gplot Man page
GUM Man page
GUM.H.1 Man page
GUM.validate Man page
huber.estimate Man page
huber.estimate.default Man page
[.ilab Man page
ilab-class Man page
kplot Man page
kplot.default Man page
kplot.ilab Man page
kpoints Man page
LCS Man page
loc.est-class Man page
mandel.h Man page
mandel.h.array Man page Man page
mandel.h.default Man page
mandel.h.ilab Man page
mandel.h.matrix Man page
mandel.k Man page
mandel.k.array Man page Man page
mandel.k.default Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page Man page
mandel.k.ilab Man page
mandel.k.matrix Man page
mandel.paule Man page
M-estimators Man page
methods.ilab Man page
metRology Man page
metRology-package Man page
mle.1wre Man page
MM.estimate Man page
MM.estimate.default Man page
mpaule Man page
mpaule.default Man page
msd Man page
Pb Man page
plot.d.ellipse Man page
plot.drop1.uncert Man page
plot.ilab Man page Man page
plot.uncert Man page
plot.uncertMC Man page
pmandelh Man page
pmandelk Man page
pmsd Man page
.pmsd.xnorm Man page
potassium Man page
print.d.ellipse Man page
print.drop1.uncert Man page
print.ilab Man page
print.loc.est Man page
print.summary.vr.mle Man page
print.uncert Man page
print.uncertMC Man page
ptri Man page
pt.scaled Man page
qmandelh Man page
qmandelk Man page
qmsd Man page
qtri Man page
qt.scaled Man page
rbind Man page
rbind.default Man page
rbind.ilab Man page
reml.loc Man page
reml.loc.default Man page
rmandelh Man page
rmandelk Man page
RMstudy Man page
rtri Man page
rt.scaled Man page
subset.ilab Man page
summary.d.ellipse Man page
summary.uncert Man page
summary.uncertMC Man page
.to.wide Man page
uncert Man page
uncert-class Man page
uncert.default Man page
uncert.expression Man page
uncert.formula Man page
uncert.function Man page
uncertMC Man page
uncertMC-class Man page
updateCor Man page
updateCov Man page
update.uncert Man page
vr.mle Man page
welch.satterthwaite Man page
w.s Man page
xs.plot Man page
XSplot Man page
xs.plot.default Man page
youden.plot Man page
youden.plot.default Man page
yplot Man page

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