metRology: Support for Metrological Applications

Provides classes and calculation and plotting functions for metrology applications, including measurement uncertainty estimation and inter-laboratory metrology comparison studies.

AuthorStephen L R Ellison <>.
Date of publication2016-11-02 17:52:16
MaintainerStephen L R Ellison <>
LicenseGPL (>= 2)

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Man pages

algA: Robust estimation of location and scale using Algorithm A

algS: 'Algorithm S' - robust estimate of pooled standard deviation

apricot: Collaborative study results for fibre content in an apricot... Barplot of Mandel's h or k statistics Box plot of Mandel's h or k statistics

buildCor: Functions to build correlation and covariance matrices.

chromium: Chromium data for two different materials included in an...

contribs: Extract contributions from an 'uncert' object.

cov.dellipse: Constructs a covariance and location object for use in...

cplot: Consistency plot for Key Comparisons

data.ellipse: Construct data ellipses suitable for use with Youden plots.

dmandelh: Mandel's h statistic.

dmandelk: Mandel's k statistic.

drop1.uncert: Single variable deletions from the uncertainty budget.

dsl: derSimonian-Laird estimator

dtri: The triangular distribution.

dt.scaled: Scaled and shifted t distribution.

duewer.plot: Duewer concordance/apparent precision plot

Extract.ilab: The 'ilab' class.

gplot: Grouped plots of type "h"

GUM: Propagation of Measurement Uncertainty for Typical Metrology...

GUM.H.1: Example H.1 from the _Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty...

GUM.validate: Monte Carlo Check on the Statistical Performance of GUM...

ilab: The 'ilab' class.

kplot: Dot-and-bar plot for Key Comparisons

LCS: LCS: Largest consistent subset

loc_est: The location estimate class

mandel.h: Calculate Mandel's h statistics for replicate observations

mandel.k: Calculate Mandel's k statistics for replicate observations Calculate Mandel's h and k statistics for replicate...

M-estimates: M- and MM-estimators for location.

methods.ilab: Methods for the 'ilab' class.

metRology-package: Support for Metrological Applications

metRology_pkg-internal: Internal metRology objects

mle.1wre: Vangel-Rukhin Maximum Likelihood Estimate

mpaule: Mandel-Paule calculation

msd: Median scaled difference

Pb: Lead in wine

plot.d.ellipse: Plot data ellipses Classical plots of Mandel's statistics.

plot.uncert: Plot method for 'uncert' objects

plot.uncertMC: Plot method for 'uncertMC' objects

pmsd: Median scaled difference probabilities and quantiles

pmsd.xnorm: Internal functions for package RKC.

potassium: Potassium data for two different materials included in an...

rbind.ilab: Combine 'ilab' objects

reml_loc: Restricted maximum likelihood estimate of location

RMstudy: Collaborative study results for metals in a reference...

uncertainty: Uncertainty estimation functions

uncert_class: The 'uncert' class

uncertMC: Monte Carlo evaluation of measurement uncertainty.

uncertMC_class: The 'uncertMC' class

update.uncert: Update and recalculate an uncertainty estimate

vr.mle: Vangel-Rukhin Maximum Likelihood Estimate

w.s: Welch-Satterthwaite effective degrees of freedom

xs.plot: Mean/Standard deviation plot with confidence region.

youden.plot: Youden plots

Files in this package

metRology/R/kplot.R metRology/R/contribs.R metRology/R/kc_class.R metRology/R/internals.R metRology/R/uncertMC.R metRology/R/uncertMC_class.R
metRology/R/ws.R metRology/R/ilab.R
metRology/R/build_cor.R metRology/R/drop1.R metRology/R/GUM.validate.R metRology/R/mpaule.R
metRology/R/uncert.R metRology/R/uncert_class.R metRology/R/lcs_enum.R
metRology/R/msd.R metRology/R/GUM.R metRology/R/loc_est.R metRology/R/MC_distribs.R metRology/R/cplot.R
metRology/man/ metRology/man/ilab.Rd metRology/man/mandel.h.Rd metRology/man/chromium.Rd metRology/man/M-estimates.Rd metRology/man/ metRology/man/plot.uncert.Rd metRology/man/cov.dellipse.Rd metRology/man/drop1.uncert.Rd metRology/man/rbind.ilab.Rd metRology/man/pmsd.Rd metRology/man/buildCor.Rd metRology/man/contribs.Rd metRology/man/mandel.k.Rd metRology/man/gplot.Rd metRology/man/uncertMC.Rd metRology/man/vr.mle.Rd metRology/man/GUM.validate.Rd metRology/man/dt.scaled.Rd metRology/man/metRology-package.Rd metRology/man/dtri.Rd metRology/man/pmsd.xnorm.Rd metRology/man/mle.1wre.Rd metRology/man/msd.Rd metRology/man/algA.Rd metRology/man/loc_est.Rd metRology/man/plot.d.ellipse.Rd metRology/man/uncertainty.Rd metRology/man/uncert_class.Rd metRology/man/uncertMC_class.Rd metRology/man/xs.plot.Rd metRology/man/algS.Rd metRology/man/potassium.Rd metRology/man/mpaule.Rd metRology/man/dmandelk.Rd metRology/man/GUM.H.1.Rd metRology/man/GUM.Rd metRology/man/dsl.Rd metRology/man/w.s.Rd metRology/man/Extract.ilab.Rd metRology/man/LCS.Rd metRology/man/RMstudy.Rd metRology/man/ metRology/man/reml_loc.Rd metRology/man/apricot.Rd metRology/man/dmandelh.Rd metRology/man/plot.uncertMC.Rd metRology/man/youden.plot.Rd metRology/man/kplot.Rd metRology/man/ metRology/man/methods.ilab.Rd metRology/man/metRology_pkg-internal.Rd metRology/man/duewer.plot.Rd metRology/man/cplot.Rd metRology/man/data.ellipse.Rd metRology/man/Pb.Rd metRology/man/update.uncert.Rd

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