Man pages for metRology
Support for Metrological Applications

algARobust estimation of location and scale using Algorithm A
algS'Algorithm S' - robust estimate of pooled standard deviation
apricotCollaborative study results for fibre content in an apricot...
barplot.mandel.khBarplot of Mandel's h or k statistics
bkpDraw block plots from block plot objects
blockplotGenerate a "block plot" - a histogram variant identifiying...
bootMSDParametric bootstrap for median scaled difference
bootMSD_classObject returned by 'bootMSD' and associated methods.
boxplot.mandel.khBox plot of Mandel's h or k statistics
buildCorFunctions to build correlation and covariance matrices.
chromiumChromium data for two different materials included in an...
contribsExtract contributions from an 'uncert' object.
cov.dellipseConstructs a covariance and location object for use in...
cplotConsistency plot for Key Comparisons
data.ellipseConstruct data ellipses suitable for use with Youden plots.
dmandelhMandel's h statistic.
dmandelkMandel's k statistic.
drop1.uncertSingle variable deletions from the uncertainty budget.
dslderSimonian-Laird estimator
dtriThe triangular distribution.
dt.scaledScaled and shifted t distribution.
duewer.plotDuewer concordance/apparent precision plot
Extract.ilabThe 'ilab' class.
gplotGrouped plots of type "h"
GUMPropagation of Measurement Uncertainty for Typical Metrology...
GUM.H.1Example H.1 from the _Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty...
GUM.validateMonte Carlo Check on the Statistical Performance of GUM...
ilabThe 'ilab' class.
kplotDot-and-bar plot for Key Comparisons
LCSLCS: Largest consistent subset
loc_estThe location estimate class
mandel.hCalculate Mandel's h statistics for replicate observations
mandel.kCalculate Mandel's k statistics for replicate observations
mandel.khCalculate Mandel's h and k statistics for replicate...
M-estimatesM- and MM-estimators for location.
methods.ilabMethods for the 'ilab' class.
metRology-packageSupport for Metrological Applications
metRology_pkg-internalInternal metRology objects
mle.1wreVangel-Rukhin Maximum Likelihood Estimate
mpauleMandel-Paule calculation
msdMedian scaled difference
msd_classMethods for the object returned by 'msd'.
PbLead in wine
plot.d.ellipsePlot data ellipses
plot.mandel.khClassical plots of Mandel's statistics.
plot.uncertPlot method for 'uncert' objects
plot.uncertMCPlot method for 'uncertMC' objects
pmsdMedian scaled difference probabilities and quantiles
pmsd.xnormInternal functions for package RKC.
potassiumPotassium data for two different materials included in an...
rbind.ilabCombine 'ilab' objects
reml_locRestricted maximum likelihood estimate of location
RMstudyCollaborative study results for metals in a reference...
uncertaintyUncertainty estimation functions
uncert_classThe 'uncert' class
uncertMCMonte Carlo evaluation of measurement uncertainty.
uncertMC_classThe 'uncertMC' class
update.uncertUpdate and recalculate an uncertainty estimate
vr.mleVangel-Rukhin Maximum Likelihood Estimate
w.sWelch-Satterthwaite effective degrees of freedom
xs.plotMean/Standard deviation plot with confidence region.
youden.plotYouden plots
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