Man pages for metaboGSE
Gene Set Enrichment Analysis via Integration of Metabolic Networks and RNA-Seq Data

abbrAbbreviate GO term description
addReactFixedA fixed version of sybil::addReact
areaCompute area between two curves
bestRankingIdentify the best ranking
diagnosticToleranceCompute appropriate tolerance for the given model
exprMaguireGene expression from Maguire et al. RNA-seq data
fitnessFitness of gene removal-based submodels with different gene...
genericRelax model external source
iMK735iMK735 metabolic models in hypoxia and normoxia
maxAreaCompute maxium area between curves
metaboGSEGene set enrichment analysis
parseBooleanCopyCopy of sybil:::.parseBoolean
pwDescDescription of gene set IDs
relativeExprRelative expression data (log2 counts)
rescueRescue a model
rescueDistCompute distances of rescue reactions
rmGenesGenerate a submodel by removing genes
scoreGeneDelStructure of Class "scoreGeneDel"
simulateSubmnetPlot fitness of submodels built by gene removal in a...
submnetSimulation of gene removal-based submodel series with a given...
weightReactsCompute weights of rescue reactions
yarli2GOGO annotation retrieved from Uniprot
yarliGSEGene set enrichment example for Yarrowia lipolytica
yarliSubmnetsSubmodel construction example for Yarrowia lipolytica
zscoreExprZ-score of expression data
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