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Employee selection data


A toy example from Craig Enders.




A data frame with 20 rows and 3 variables:


candidate IQ score


candidate well-being score


candidate job performance score


Enders describes these data as follows: I designed these data to mimic an employee selection scenario in which prospective employees complete an IQ test and a psychological well-being questionnaire during their interview. The company subsequently hires the applications that score in the upper half of the IQ distribution, and a supervisor rates their job performance following a 6-month probationary period. Note that the job performance scores are missing at random (MAR) (i.e. individuals in the lower half of the IQ distribution were never hired, and thus have no performance rating). In addition, I randomly deleted three of the well-being scores in order to mimic a situation where the applicant's well-being questionnaire is inadvertently lost.

A larger version of this data set in present as data.enders.employee.


Enders (2010), Applied Missing Data Analysis, p. 218

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