Man pages for microseq
Basic Biological Sequence Handling

backTranslateReplace amino acids with codons
findGenesFinding coding genes
findOrfsFinding ORFs in genomes
findrRNAFinding rRNA genes
gff2fastaRetrieving annotated sequences
gregexprExtended 'gregexpr' with substring retrieval
iupac2regexAmbiguity symbol conversion
lorfsLongest ORF
microseq-packageBasic Biological Sequence Analysis
msa2matConvert alignment to matrix
msalignMultiple alignment
msaTrimTrimming multiple sequence alignments
muscleMultiple alignment using MUSCLE
orfLengthLength of ORF
orfSignatureSignature for each ORF
readFastaRead and write FASTA files
readFastqRead and write FASTQ files
readGFFReading and writing GFF-tables
reverseComplementReverse-complementation of DNA
translateTranslation according to the standard genetic code
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