mipfp: Multidimensional Iterative Proportional Fitting and Alternative Models

An implementation of the iterative proportional fitting (IPFP), maximum likelihood, minimum chi-square and weighted least squares procedures for updating a N-dimensional array with respect to given target marginal distributions (which, in turn can be multidimensional). The package also provides an application of the IPFP to simulate multivariate Bernoulli distributions.

AuthorJohan Barthelemy [aut, cre], Thomas Suesse [aut], Mohammad Namazi-Rad [ctb]
Date of publication2016-12-01 08:28:31
MaintainerJohan Barthelemy <johan@uow.edu.au>

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Man pages

Array2Vector: Transforming an array to a vector

coef.mipfp: Extract the coefficients of the estimates from an object of...

CompareMaxDev: Comparing deviations of mipfp objects

ComputeA: Computes the marginal matrix A and margins vector m of an...

confint.mipfp: Computing confidence intervals for the mipfp estimates

Corr2Odds: Converting correlation to odds ratio

Corr2PairProbs: Converting correlation to pairwise probability

error.margins: Extracts the deviation between every target and generated...

Estimate: Update an N-way table given target margins

expand: Expand a Table in a Data Frame

flat: Flatten a table, array or matrix

GetConfInt: Computing confidence intervals for the estimated counts and...

GetLinInd: Extracting the linearly independant columns from a matrix

gof.estimates: Wald, Log-likelihood ratio and Person Chi-square statistics...

Ipfp: Multidimensional Iterative Proportional Fitting

IpfpCov: Covariance matrix of the estimators produced by Ipfp...

mipfp-package: Multidimensional Iterative Proportional Fitting and...

ObtainModelEstimates: Estimating a contingency table using model-based approaches

ObtainMultBinaryDist: Generating a multivariate Bernoulli joint-distribution

Odds2Corr: Converting odds ratio to correlation

Odds2PairProbs: Converting odds ratio to pairwise probability

Qaqish: Qaqish

RMultBinary: Simulating a multivariate Bernoulli distribution

spnamur: Synthetic population of Namur (Belgium)

summary.mipfp: Summarizing objects of class mipfp

vcov.mipfp: Calculate variance-covariance matrix for mipfp objects

Vector2Array: Transforming a vector to an array

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