Man pages for mipfp
Multidimensional Iterative Proportional Fitting and Alternative Models

Array2VectorTransforming an array to a vector
coef.mipfpExtract the coefficients of the estimates from an object of...
CompareMaxDevComparing deviations of mipfp objects
ComputeAComputes the marginal matrix A and margins vector m of an...
confint.mipfpComputing confidence intervals for the mipfp estimates
Corr2OddsConverting correlation to odds ratio
Corr2PairProbsConverting correlation to pairwise probability
error.marginsExtracts the deviation between every target and generated...
EstimateUpdate an N-way table given target margins
expandExpand a Table in a Data Frame
flatFlatten a table, array or matrix
GetConfIntComputing confidence intervals for the estimated counts and...
GetLinIndExtracting the linearly independant columns from a matrix
gof.estimatesWald, Log-likelihood ratio and Person Chi-square statistics...
IpfpMultidimensional Iterative Proportional Fitting
IpfpCovCovariance matrix of the estimators produced by Ipfp...
mipfp-packageMultidimensional Iterative Proportional Fitting and...
ObtainModelEstimatesEstimating a contingency table using model-based approaches
ObtainMultBinaryDistGenerating a multivariate Bernoulli joint-distribution
Odds2CorrConverting odds ratio to correlation
Odds2PairProbsConverting odds ratio to pairwise probability
RMultBinarySimulating a multivariate Bernoulli distribution
spnamurSynthetic population of Namur (Belgium)
summary.mipfpSummarizing objects of class mipfp
vcov.mipfpCalculate variance-covariance matrix for mipfp objects
Vector2ArrayTransforming a vector to an array
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