Man pages for miscor
Miscellaneous Functions for the Correlation Coefficient

comptest.corComparision of product-moment correlation coefficients
conf.corProduct-moment correlation coefficient with confidence...
par.corPartial and semipartial correlation
plot.seqtestPlot seqtest
plot.sim.seqtest.corPlot sim.seqtest
print.comptest.corPrint comptest.cor
print.conf.corPrint cor.conf
print.par.corPrint par.cor
print.seqtestPrint seqtest
print.sim.seqtest.corPrint sim.seqtest
print.sizePrint size
print.test.corPrint cor.rhotest
scatterplotScatterplot Matrices
seqtest.corSequential triangular test for the product-moment correlation...
sim.corSimulate bivariate distribution with a specified correlation
sim.seqtest.corSimulation of the sequential triangular test for the...
size.corSample size determination for testing the product-moment...
test.corTest for the product-moment correlation coefficient for H0:...
update.seqtestUpdate seqtest
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