mizer: Multi-species sIZE spectrum modelling in R

A set of classes and methods to set up and run multispecies, trait based and community size spectrum ecological models, focussed on the marine environment.

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AuthorFinlay Scott (JRC, IT) and Julia Blanchard (Sheffield University, UK) and Ken Andersen (DTU Aqua, Copenhagen, DK)
Date of publication2014-04-16 22:29:02
MaintainerFinlay Scott <finlay.scott@jrc.ec.europa.eu>

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Man pages

getBiomass-methods: Calculate the total biomass of each species within a size...

getCommunitySlope-methods: Calculate the slope of the community abundance

getEGrowth-methods: getEGrowth method for the size based model

getEReproAndGrowth-methods: getEReproAndGrowth method for the size based model

getESpawning-methods: getESpawning method for the size based model

getFeedingLevel-methods: getFeedingLevel method for the size based model

getFMortGear-methods: Get the fishing mortality by time, gear, species and size

getFMort-methods: Get the total fishing mortality from all fishing gears by...

get_initial_n: Calculate initial population abundances for the community...

getM2Background-methods: getM2Background method for the size based model

getM2-methods: getM2 method for the size based model

getMeanMaxWeight-methods: Calculate the mean maximum weight of the community

getMeanWeight-methods: Calculate the mean weight of the community

getN-methods: Calculate the total abundance in terms of numbers of species...

getPhiPrey-methods: getPhiPrey method for the size based model

getPredRate-methods: getPredRate method for the size based model

getProportionOfLargeFish-methods: Calculate the proportion of large fish

getRDD-methods: getRDD method for the size based model

getRDI-methods: getRDI method for the size based model

getSSB-methods: Calculate the SSB of species

getYieldGear-methods: Calculate the total yield per gear and species

getYield-methods: Calculate the total yield of each species

getZ-methods: getZ method for the size based model

inter: Sample interaction data set

knife_edge: Size based knife-edge selectivity function

mizer: mizer: Multi-species size-based modelling in R

MizerParams-class: MizerParams

MizerParams-methods: Constructors for objects of 'MizerParams' class

MizerSim-class: MizerSim

MizerSim-methods: Constructor for the 'MizerSim' class

NS_species_params: Example parameters data sets

plotBiomass-methods: Plot the biomass of each species through time

plotFeedingLevel-methods: Plot the feeding level of each species by size

plotFMort-methods: Plot total fishing mortality of each species by size

plotM2-methods: Plot M2 of each species by size

plot-methods: Summary plot for 'MizerSim' objects

plotSpectra-methods: Plot the abundance spectra of each species and the background...

plotYieldGear-methods: Plot the total yield of each species by gear through time

plotYield-methods: Plot the total yield of each species through time

project-methods: project method for the size based modelling

set_community_model: Sets up parameters for a community-type model

set_trait_model: Sets up parameters for a trait-based model

sigmoid_length: Length based sigmoid selectivity function

summary-methods: Summary method


getBiomass Man page
getBiomass-method Man page
getBiomass,MizerSim-method Man page
getCommunitySlope Man page
getCommunitySlope-method Man page
getCommunitySlope,MizerSim-method Man page
getEGrowth Man page
getEGrowth-method Man page
getEGrowth,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,matrix,matrix-method Man page
getEGrowth,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,missing,missing-method Man page
getEReproAndGrowth Man page
getEReproAndGrowth-method Man page
getEReproAndGrowth,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,matrix-method Man page
getEReproAndGrowth,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,missing-method Man page
getESpawning Man page
getESpawning-method Man page
getESpawning,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,matrix-method Man page
getESpawning,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,missing-method Man page
getFeedingLevel Man page
getFeedingLevel-method Man page
getFeedingLevel,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,matrix-method Man page
getFeedingLevel,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,missing-method Man page
getFeedingLevel,MizerSim,missing,missing,missing-method Man page
getFMort Man page
getFMortGear Man page
getFMortGear-method Man page
getFMortGear,MizerParams,matrix-method Man page
getFMortGear,MizerParams,numeric-method Man page
getFMortGear,MizerSim,missing-method Man page
getFMort-method Man page
getFMort,MizerParams,matrix-method Man page
getFMort,MizerParams,numeric-method Man page
getFMort,MizerSim,missing-method Man page
get_initial_n Man page
getM2 Man page
getM2Background Man page
getM2Background-method Man page
getM2Background,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,array-method Man page
getM2Background,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,missing-method Man page
getM2-method Man page
getM2,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,array-method Man page
getM2,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,missing-method Man page
getM2,MizerSim,missing,missing,missing-method Man page
getMeanMaxWeight Man page
getMeanMaxWeight-method Man page
getMeanMaxWeight,MizerSim-method Man page
getMeanWeight Man page
getMeanWeight-method Man page
getMeanWeight,MizerSim-method Man page
getN Man page
getN-method Man page
getN,MizerSim-method Man page
getPhiPrey Man page
getPhiPrey-method Man page
getPhiPrey,MizerParams,matrix,numeric-method Man page
getPredRate Man page
getPredRate-method Man page
getPredRate,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,matrix-method Man page
getPredRate,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,missing-method Man page
getProportionOfLargeFish Man page
getProportionOfLargeFish-method Man page
getProportionOfLargeFish,MizerSim-method Man page
getRDD Man page
getRDD-method Man page
getRDD,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,matrix-method Man page
getRDD,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,missing-method Man page
getRDI Man page
getRDI-method Man page
getRDI,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,matrix-method Man page
getRDI,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,missing-method Man page
getSSB Man page
getSSB-method Man page
getSSB,MizerSim-method Man page
getYield Man page
getYieldGear Man page
getYieldGear-method Man page
getYieldGear,MizerSim-method Man page
getYield-method Man page
getYield,MizerSim-method Man page
getZ Man page
getZ-method Man page
getZ,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,numeric,matrix-method Man page
getZ,MizerParams,matrix,numeric,numeric,missing-method Man page
inter Man page
knife_edge Man page
mizer Man page
mizer, Man page
mizer-package Man page
MizerParams Man page
MizerParams-class Man page
MizerParams,data.frame,matrix-method Man page
MizerParams,data.frame,missing-method Man page
MizerParams-method Man page
MizerParams,numeric,missing-method Man page
MizerSim Man page
MizerSim-class Man page
MizerSim-method Man page
MizerSim,MizerParams-method Man page
NS_species_params Man page
NS_species_params_gears Man page
plot Man page
plotBiomass Man page
plotBiomass-method Man page
plotBiomass,MizerSim-method Man page
plotFeedingLevel Man page
plotFeedingLevel-method Man page
plotFeedingLevel,MizerSim-method Man page
plotFMort Man page
plotFMort-method Man page
plotFMort,MizerSim-method Man page
plotM2 Man page
plotM2-method Man page
plotM2,MizerSim-method Man page
plot,MizerSim,missing-method Man page
plotSpectra Man page
plotSpectra-method Man page
plotSpectra,MizerSim-method Man page
plotYield Man page
plotYieldGear Man page
plotYieldGear-method Man page
plotYieldGear,MizerSim-method Man page
plotYield-method Man page
plotYield,MizerSim-method Man page
project Man page
project-method Man page
project,MizerParams,array-method Man page
project,MizerParams,missing-method Man page
project,MizerParams,numeric-method Man page
set_community_model Man page
set_trait_model Man page
sigmoid_length Man page
summary Man page
summary,MizerParams-method Man page
summary,MizerSim-method Man page


inst/tests/test-MizerSim.r inst/tests/test-single_species.R inst/tests/test-MizerParams.r inst/tests/test-wrapper_functions.R inst/tests/test-plots.r inst/tests/test-summary_methods.r inst/tests/test-project.r inst/tests/test-selectivity.r inst/tests/test-project_methods.r
R/wrapper_functions.R R/project.r R/NS_species_params-data.R R/MizerParams-class.r R/help.r R/project_methods.r R/MizerSim-class.r R/summary_methods.r R/selectivity_funcs.r R/plots.r
man/summary-methods.Rd man/plotYield-methods.Rd man/getRDI-methods.Rd man/getZ-methods.Rd man/plotSpectra-methods.Rd man/getN-methods.Rd man/getFeedingLevel-methods.Rd man/getSSB-methods.Rd man/plot-methods.Rd man/getProportionOfLargeFish-methods.Rd man/sigmoid_length.Rd man/MizerSim-methods.Rd man/getM2Background-methods.Rd man/set_community_model.Rd man/plotBiomass-methods.Rd man/plotM2-methods.Rd man/plotFeedingLevel-methods.Rd man/MizerSim-class.Rd man/getEReproAndGrowth-methods.Rd man/getFMort-methods.Rd man/get_initial_n.Rd man/MizerParams-methods.Rd man/project-methods.Rd man/getCommunitySlope-methods.Rd man/getPredRate-methods.Rd man/plotYieldGear-methods.Rd man/getMeanWeight-methods.Rd man/getM2-methods.Rd man/set_trait_model.Rd man/getFMortGear-methods.Rd man/MizerParams-class.Rd man/getBiomass-methods.Rd man/getESpawning-methods.Rd man/inter.Rd man/NS_species_params.Rd man/getYieldGear-methods.Rd man/getEGrowth-methods.Rd man/mizer.Rd man/getMeanMaxWeight-methods.Rd man/getPhiPrey-methods.Rd man/getRDD-methods.Rd man/plotFMort-methods.Rd man/getYield-methods.Rd man/knife_edge.Rd

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