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Loads an MLflow model. MLflow models can have multiple model flavors. Not all flavors / models can be loaded in R. This method by default searches for a flavor supported by R/MLflow.


mlflow_load_model(model_uri, flavor = NULL, client = mlflow_client())



The location, in URI format, of the MLflow model.


Optional flavor specification (string). Can be used to load a particular flavor in case there are multiple flavors available.


(Optional) An MLflow client object returned from mlflow_client. If specified, MLflow will use the tracking server associated with the passed-in client. If unspecified (the common case), MLflow will use the tracking server associated with the current tracking URI.


The URI scheme must be supported by MLflow - i.e. there has to be an MLflow artifact repository corresponding to the scheme of the URI. The content is expected to point to a directory containing MLmodel. The following are examples of valid model uris:

- “file:///absolute/path/to/local/model“ - “file:relative/path/to/local/model“ - “s3://my_bucket/path/to/model“ - “runs:/<mlflow_run_id>/run-relative/path/to/model“ - “models:/<model_name>/<model_version>“ - “models:/<model_name>/<stage>“

For more information about supported URI schemes, see the Artifacts Documentation at

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