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Tidy time series forecasting with tidymodels.

Quickstart Video

For those that prefer video tutorials, we have an 11-minute YouTube Video that walks you through the Modeltime Workflow.

Introduction to Modeltime

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CRAN version:

install.packages("modeltime", dependencies = TRUE)

Development version:

remotes::install_github("business-science/modeltime", dependencies = TRUE)

Why modeltime?

Modeltime unlocks time series models and machine learning in one framework

No need to switch back and forth between various frameworks. modeltime unlocks machine learning & classical time series analysis.

Forecast faster

A streamlined workflow for forecasting

Modeltime incorporates a streamlined workflow (see Getting Started with Modeltime) for using best practices to forecast.

A streamlined workflow for forecasting

Meet the modeltime ecosystem

Learn a growing ecosystem of forecasting packages

The modeltime ecosystem is growing

Modeltime is part of a growing ecosystem of Modeltime forecasting packages.


Modeltime is an amazing ecosystem for time series forecasting. But it can take a long time to learn:

Your probably thinking how am I ever going to learn time series forecasting. Here’s the solution that will save you years of struggling.

Take the High-Performance Forecasting Course

Become the forecasting expert for your organization

High-Performance Time Series Forecasting Course

High-Performance Time Series Course

Time Series is Changing

Time series is changing. Businesses now need 10,000+ time series forecasts every day. This is what I call a High-Performance Time Series Forecasting System (HPTSF) - Accurate, Robust, and Scalable Forecasting.

High-Performance Forecasting Systems will save companies by improving accuracy and scalability. Imagine what will happen to your career if you can provide your organization a “High-Performance Time Series Forecasting System” (HPTSF System).

How to Learn High-Performance Time Series Forecasting

I teach how to build a HPTFS System in my High-Performance Time Series Forecasting Course. You will learn:

Become the Time Series Expert for your organization.

Take the High-Performance Time Series Forecasting Course

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