Man pages for modeltime
The Tidymodels Extension for Time Series Modeling

add_modeltime_modelAdd a Model into a Modeltime Table
arima_boostGeneral Interface for "Boosted" ARIMA Regression Models
Arima_fit_implLow-Level ARIMA function for translating modeltime to...
arima_paramsTuning Parameters for ARIMA Models
Arima_predict_implBridge prediction function for ARIMA models
arima_regGeneral Interface for ARIMA Regression Models
arima_xgboost_fit_implBridge ARIMA-XGBoost Modeling function
arima_xgboost_predict_implBridge prediction Function for ARIMA-XGBoost Models
auto_arima_fit_implLow-Level ARIMA function for translating modeltime to...
auto_arima_xgboost_fit_implBridge ARIMA-XGBoost Modeling function
combine_modeltime_tablesCombine multiple Modeltime Tables into a single Modeltime...
control_fit_workflowsetControl aspects of the 'modeltime_fit_workflowset()' process.
control_refitControl aspects of the 'modeltime_refit()' process.
create_model_gridHelper to make 'parsnip' model specs from a 'dials' parameter...
create_xreg_recipeDeveloper Tools for preparing XREGS (Regressors)
croston_fit_implLow-Level Exponential Smoothing function for translating...
croston_predict_implBridge prediction function for CROSTON models
default_forecast_accuracy_metric_setForecast Accuracy Metrics Sets
dot_prepare_transformPrepare Recursive Transformations
ets_fit_implLow-Level Exponential Smoothing function for translating...
ets_predict_implBridge prediction function for Exponential Smoothing models
exp_smoothingGeneral Interface for Exponential Smoothing State Space...
exp_smoothing_paramsTuning Parameters for Exponential Smoothing Models
get_arima_descriptionGet model descriptions for Arima objects
get_model_descriptionGet model descriptions for parsnip, workflows & modeltime...
get_tbats_descriptionGet model descriptions for TBATS objects
is_calibratedTest if a Modeltime Table has been calibrated
is_modeltime_modelTest if object contains a fitted modeltime model
is_modeltime_tableTest if object is a Modeltime Table
is_residualsTest if a table contains residuals.
load_namespaceThese are not intended for use by the general public.
m750The 750th Monthly Time Series used in the M4 Competition
m750_modelsThree (3) Models trained on the M750 Data (Training Set)
m750_splitsThe results of train/test splitting the M750 Data
m750_training_resamplesThe Time Series Cross Validation Resamples the M750 Data...
mdl_time_forecastModeltime Forecast Helpers
mdl_time_refitModeltime Refit Helpers
modeltime_accuracyCalculate Accuracy Metrics
modeltime_calibratePreparation for forecasting
modeltime_fit_workflowsetFit a 'workflowset' object to one or multiple time series
modeltime_forecastForecast future data
modeltime_refitRefit one or more trained models to new data
modeltime_residualsExtract Residuals Information
modeltime_residuals_testApply Statistical Tests to Residuals
modeltime_tableScale forecast analysis with a Modeltime Table
naive_fit_implLow-Level NAIVE Forecast
naive_predict_implBridge prediction function for NAIVE Models
naive_regGeneral Interface for NAIVE Forecast Models
new_modeltime_bridgeConstructor for creating modeltime models
nnetar_fit_implLow-Level NNETAR function for translating modeltime to...
nnetar_paramsTuning Parameters for NNETAR Models
nnetar_predict_implBridge prediction function for ARIMA models
nnetar_regGeneral Interface for NNETAR Regression Models
panel_tailFilter the last N rows (Tail) for multiple time series
parallel_startStart parallel clusters using 'parallel' package
parse_indexDeveloper Tools for parsing date and date-time information
pipePipe operator
plot_modeltime_forecastInteractive Forecast Visualization
plot_modeltime_residualsInteractive Residuals Visualization
pluck_modeltime_modelExtract model by model id in a Modeltime Table
predict.recursiveRecursive Model Predictions
predict.recursive_panelRecursive Model Predictions
prophet_boostGeneral Interface for Boosted PROPHET Time Series Models
prophet_fit_implLow-Level PROPHET function for translating modeltime to...
prophet_paramsTuning Parameters for Prophet Models
prophet_predict_implBridge prediction function for PROPHET models
prophet_regGeneral Interface for PROPHET Time Series Models
prophet_xgboost_fit_implLow-Level PROPHET function for translating modeltime to...
prophet_xgboost_predict_implBridge prediction function for Boosted PROPHET models
pull_modeltime_residualsExtracts modeltime residuals data from a Modeltime Model
pull_parsnip_preprocessorPulls the Formula from a Fitted Parsnip Model Object
recipe_helpersDeveloper Tools for processing XREGS (Regressors)
recursiveCreate a Recursive Time Series Model from a Parsnip or...
seasonal_regGeneral Interface for Multiple Seasonality Regression Models...
snaive_fit_implLow-Level SNAIVE Forecast
snaive_predict_implBridge prediction function for SNAIVE Models
stlm_arima_fit_implLow-Level stlm function for translating modeltime to forecast
stlm_arima_predict_implBridge prediction function for ARIMA models
stlm_ets_fit_implLow-Level stlm function for translating modeltime to forecast
stlm_ets_predict_implBridge prediction function for ARIMA models
summarize_accuracy_metricsSummarize Accuracy Metrics
table_modeltime_accuracyInteractive Accuracy Tables
tbats_fit_implLow-Level tbats function for translating modeltime to...
tbats_predict_implBridge prediction function for ARIMA models
temporal_hierarchyGeneral Interface for Temporal Hierarchical Forecasting...
temporal_hierarchy_paramsTuning Parameters for TEMPORAL HIERARCHICAL Models
temporal_hier_fit_implLow-Level Temporaral Hierarchical function for translating...
temporal_hier_predict_implBridge prediction function for TEMPORAL HIERARCHICAL models
theta_fit_implLow-Level Exponential Smoothing function for translating...
theta_predict_implBridge prediction function for THETA models
tidyevalTidy eval helpers
time_series_paramsTuning Parameters for Time Series (ts-class) Models
type_sum.mdl_time_tblSuccinct summary of Modeltime Tables
update_model_descriptionUpdate the model description by model id in a Modeltime Table
update_modeltime_modelUpdate the model by model id in a Modeltime Table
window_function_fit_implLow-Level Window Forecast
window_function_predict_implBridge prediction function for window Models
window_regGeneral Interface for Window Forecast Models
xgboost_implWrapper for parsnip::xgb_train
xgboost_predictWrapper for xgboost::predict
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