multicon: Multivariate Constructs

Includes functions designed to examine relationships among multivariate constructs (e.g., personality). This includes functions for profile (within-person) analysis, dealing with large numbers of analyses, lens model analyses, and structural summary methods for data with circumplex structure. The package also includes functions for graphically comparing and displaying group means.

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AuthorRyne A. Sherman
Date of publication2015-02-02 01:38:16
MaintainerRyne A. Sherman <>

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Man pages

acq1: Aquaintance (Number 1) CAQ ratings

acq2: Aquaintance (Number 2) CAQ ratings

acq.comp: Acquaintance CAQ Composite

alpha.aci: Alpha Confidence Interval

alpha.cov: Cronbach's Alpha of Covariance Matrix

alpha.xci: Alpha Confidence Interval

aov1way: One Way Anova

bargraph: Bar Graph

beh.comp: Behavioral Composite

bfi.set: Big Five Invetory Set

caq: Californa Adult Q-Set

caq.items: CAQ Items

catseye: Cat's Eye

composite: Composite

cor.comb: Combine Correlations

cor.comb.rep: Replicabilities and Correlations

decomp: Decomposition of Effects

describe.r: Descriptive Statistics for Correlations

diffPlot: Difference Plot

e.bars: Error Bars

egraph: Plotting Summary Statistics with Error Bars

exsitu: External Ratings of Situations

get.ICC: Intra-class Correlations

horn: Horn's Parallel Analysis

inner.outer: Comparing Within-set and Between-set Correlations

insitu: Internal Situation Ratings

ipsatize: Ipsatize Data

item.ICC: Item Intra-class Correlations

item.resid: Item Level Residuals

lin.coef: Linear Coefficients

meanif: Mean

MTMM: Multi Trait Multi Method Matrix

multicon-package: Multivariate Constructs

n4rci: Sample Size for CI for r

opt.temp: Optimum Template

partwhole: Part-Whole Correlation

plotProfile: Visualizing Profiles of Scores

popsd: Population Standard Deviation

Profile.ICC: Profile Intra-class Correlation

Profile.norm: Normativeness

Profile.r: Profile Correlations

Profile.reg: Profile Regression Coefficients

Profile.resid: Residuals

Profile.r.rep: Profile Correlation Replicability

q.cor: Q Correlations

q.cor.print: Print q.cor

rand.test: Randomization Test

rate.caq: CAQ Rating

rbqv3.items: RBQ Items

reQ: Forced Q-Sort Distribution

RSPdata: Riverside Situation Project Data

scale2: Scale

scoreTest: Scoring Multiple Tests, Scales, or Composites

sig.r: Significance Levels for Correlations

splithalf.r: Split-half Correlation and Reliability

structSumIPC: Structural Summary Method for the Interpersonal Circumplex

tContrast: Constrast T-tests

temp.match: Template Matching

temp.match.rep: Template Matching Replicability

temp.resid: Residuals from Template Prediction

v2rbq: Situation 1 RBQ

v3rbq: Situation 2 RBQ

v4rbq: Situation 3 RBQ

v5rbq: Situation 4 RBQ

valid.pairs: Valid Pairs

vector.alpha: Alpha Replicability of a Vector (pattern) of Correlations

vector.splithalf: Split-half Repicability of a Vector (pattern) of Correlations


acq1 Man page
acq2 Man page
acq.comp Man page
alpha.aci Man page
alpha.cov Man page
alpha.xci Man page
aov1way Man page
bargraph Man page
beh.comp Man page
bfi.set Man page
caq Man page
caq.items Man page
catseye Man page
composite Man page
cor.comb Man page
cor.comb.rep Man page
decomp Man page
describe.r Man page
diffPlot Man page
diffPlot.default Man page
diffPlot.formula Man page
e.bars Man page
egraph Man page
exsitu Man page
get.ICC Man page
horn Man page
inner.outer Man page
insitu Man page
ipsatize Man page
item.ICC Man page
item.resid Man page
lin.coef Man page
meanif Man page
MTMM Man page
multicon Man page
multicon-package Man page
n4rci Man page
opt.temp Man page
partwhole Man page
plotProfile Man page
popsd Man page
Profile.ICC Man page
Profile.norm Man page
Profile.r Man page
Profile.reg Man page
Profile.resid Man page
Profile.r.rep Man page
q.cor Man page
q.cor.print Man page
rand.test Man page
rate.caq Man page
rbqv3.items Man page
reQ Man page
RSPdata Man page
scale2 Man page
scoreTest Man page
sig.r Man page
splithalf.r Man page
structSumIPC Man page
tContrast Man page
tContrast.default Man page
tContrast.formula Man page
temp.match Man page
temp.match.rep Man page
temp.resid Man page
v2rbq Man page
v3rbq Man page
v4rbq Man page
v5rbq Man page
valid.pairs Man page
vector.alpha Man page
vector.splithalf Man page


R/yuenContrast.formula.r R/cor.comb.R R/n4rci.R R/MTMM.R R/structSumIPC.r R/print.lensMod.r R/alpha.aci.R R/q.cor.print.R R/vector.splithalf.R R/diffPlot.formula.r R/cor.comb.rep.R R/meanif.R R/rand.test.R R/horn.R R/bargraph.R R/profile.r.rep.R R/diffPlot.default.r R/item.resid.R R/splithalf.r.R R/profile.reg.R R/reQ.R R/lensDetect.r R/catseye.R R/tContrast.R R/popsd.R R/vector.alpha.R R/aov1way.R R/q.cor.R R/describe.r.R R/tContrast.formula.R R/alpha.cov.R R/profile.norm.R R/valid.pairs.R R/tContrast.default.R R/winvar.r R/partwhole.R R/temp.match.R R/diffPlot.R R/get.ICC.R R/alpha.xci.R R/print.q.cor.r R/composite.R R/inner.outer.R R/scoreTest.R R/profile.r.R R/lensModel.r R/egraph.R R/yuenContrast.r R/profile.resid.R R/sig.r.R R/temp.resid.R R/e.bars.R R/yuenContrast.default.r R/scale2.R R/ipsatize.R R/decomp.r R/profile.ICC.R R/temp.match.rep.R R/lin.coef.R R/plotProfile.R R/item.ICC.R
man/insitu.Rd man/caq.Rd man/scale2.Rd man/valid.pairs.Rd man/v2rbq.Rd man/Profile.r.rep.Rd man/cor.comb.Rd man/lin.coef.Rd man/exsitu.Rd man/partwhole.Rd man/rbqv3.items.Rd man/plotProfile.Rd man/Profile.resid.Rd man/structSumIPC.Rd man/rate.caq.Rd man/MTMM.Rd man/splithalf.r.Rd
man/aov1way.Rd man/alpha.xci.Rd man/v5rbq.Rd man/v4rbq.Rd man/acq.comp.Rd
man/acq1.Rd man/Profile.ICC.Rd man/composite.Rd man/diffPlot.Rd man/acq2.Rd man/RSPdata.Rd man/decomp.Rd man/meanif.Rd man/opt.temp.Rd man/item.ICC.Rd man/v3rbq.Rd man/temp.match.Rd man/q.cor.print.Rd man/sig.r.Rd man/Profile.r.Rd
man/catseye.Rd man/n4rci.Rd man/bargraph.Rd man/alpha.cov.Rd man/bfi.set.Rd man/reQ.Rd
man/ipsatize.Rd man/Profile.reg.Rd man/temp.resid.Rd man/describe.r.Rd man/alpha.aci.Rd man/get.ICC.Rd man/caq.items.Rd man/beh.comp.Rd man/vector.alpha.Rd man/tContrast.Rd man/scoreTest.Rd man/vector.splithalf.Rd man/temp.match.rep.Rd man/item.resid.Rd man/popsd.Rd
man/q.cor.Rd man/Profile.norm.Rd man/e.bars.Rd man/cor.comb.rep.Rd man/egraph.Rd man/multicon-package.Rd man/inner.outer.Rd man/horn.Rd

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