Man pages for multicon
Multivariate Constructs

acq1Aquaintance (Number 1) CAQ ratings
acq2Aquaintance (Number 2) CAQ ratings
acq.compAcquaintance CAQ Composite
alpha.aciAlpha Confidence Interval
alpha.covCronbach's Alpha of Covariance Matrix
alpha.xciAlpha Confidence Interval
aov1wayOne Way Anova
bargraphBar Graph
beh.compBehavioral Composite
bfi.setBig Five Invetory Set
caqCaliforna Adult Q-Set
caq.itemsCAQ Items
catseyeCat's Eye
cor.combCombine Correlations
cor.comb.repReplicabilities and Correlations
decompDecomposition of Effects
describe.rDescriptive Statistics for Correlations
diffPlotDifference Plot
e.barsError Bars
egraphPlotting Summary Statistics with Error Bars
exsituExternal Ratings of Situations
get.ICCIntra-class Correlations
hornHorn's Parallel Analysis
inner.outerComparing Within-set and Between-set Correlations
insituInternal Situation Ratings
ipsatizeIpsatize Data
item.ICCItem Intra-class Correlations
item.residItem Level Residuals
lensDataSelf and External Coder Ratings of Situations
lensDetectSignal Detection Analyses for Lens Model Output
lensModelLens Model Regressions
lin.coefLinear Coefficients
MTMMMulti Trait Multi Method Matrix
multicon-packageMultivariate Constructs
n4rciSample Size for CI for r
opt.tempOptimum Template
partwholePart-Whole Correlation
plotProfileVisualizing Profiles of Scores
popsdPopulation Standard Deviation
print.lensModPrinting Lens Model Output
print.q.corPrint q.cor object
Profile.ICCProfile Intra-class Correlation
Profile.rProfile Correlations
Profile.regProfile Regression Coefficients
Profile.r.repProfile Correlation Replicability
q.corQ Correlations
q.cor.printPrint q.cor
rand.testRandomization Test
rate.caqCAQ Rating
rbqv3.itemsRBQ Items
reQForced Q-Sort Distribution
RSPdataRiverside Situation Project Data
scoreTestScoring Multiple Tests, Scales, or Composites
sig.rSignificance Levels for Correlations
splithalf.rSplit-half Correlation and Reliability
structSumIPCStructural Summary Method for the Interpersonal Circumplex
tContrastConstrast T-tests
temp.matchTemplate Matching
temp.match.repTemplate Matching Replicability
temp.residResiduals from Template Prediction
v2rbqSituation 1 RBQ
v3rbqSituation 2 RBQ
v4rbqSituation 3 RBQ
v5rbqSituation 4 RBQ
valid.pairsValid Pairs
vector.alphaAlpha Replicability of a Vector (pattern) of Correlations
vector.splithalfSplit-half Repicability of a Vector (pattern) of Correlations
winvarWinsorized Variance
yuenContrastGeneralized Yuen's T-tests
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