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This is the item content from the California Adult Q-Sort (Block, 1961), a 100 item personality measure.




A data frame with content from 100 CAQ items.


CAQ001 - Critical, skeptical, not easily impressed
CAQ002 - A genuinely dependable and responsible person
CAQ003 - Has a wide range of interests
CAQ004 - Talkative
CAQ005 - Behaves in a giving way toward others
CAQ006 - Fastidious, perfectionistic
CAQ007 - Favors conservative values
CAQ008 - Appears to have a high degree of intellectual capacity
CAQ009 - Uncomfortable with uncertainty and complexity
CAQ010 - Anxiety and tension find outlet in bodily symptoms
CAQ011 - Protective of those close to him or her
CAQ012 - Tends to be self-defensive
CAQ013 - Thin-skinned; sensitive to criticism or interpersonal slight
CAQ014 - Genuinely submissive; accepts domination comfortably
CAQ015 - Skilled in social techniques of imaginative play, pretending, and humor
CAQ016 - Introspective and concerned with self as an object
CAQ017 - Sympathetic and considerate
CAQ018 - Initiates humor
CAQ019 - Seeks reassurance from others
CAQ020 - Has a rapid personal tempo; behaves and acts quickly
CAQ021 - Arouses nurturant feelings in others
CAQ022 - Feels a lack of personal meaning in life
CAQ023 - Extrapunitive; tends to transfer or project blame
CAQ024 - Prides self on being objective,rational
CAQ025 - Tends toward over-control of needs and impulses
CAQ026 - Productive; gets things done
CAQ027 - Shows condescending behavior in relations with others
CAQ028 - Tends to arouse liking and acceptance
CAQ029 - Turned to for advice and reassurance
CAQ030 - Gives up and withdraws where possible in the face of frustration and adversity
CAQ031 - Regards self as physically attractive
CAQ032 - Aware of the impression made on others
CAQ033 - Calm, relaxed in manner
CAQ034 - Over-reactive to minor frustrations, irritable
CAQ035 - Has warmth; has the capacity for close relationships; compassionate
CAQ036 - Subtly negativistic; tends to undermine and obstruct
CAQ037 - Guileful and deceitful, manipulative, opportunistic
CAQ038 - Has hostility toward others
CAQ039 - Thinks and associates ideas in unusual ways; has unconventional thought processes
CAQ040 - Vulnerable to real or fancied threat, generally fearful
CAQ041 - Moralistic
CAQ042 - Reluctant to commit to any definite course of action; tends to delay or avoid action
CAQ043 - Facially and/or gesturally expressive
CAQ044 - Evaluates the motivation of others in interpreting situations
CAQ045 - Has a brittle ego-defense system; does not cope well under stress or strainr
CAQ046 - Engages in personal fantasy and daydreams
CAQ047 - Has a readiness to feel guilt
CAQ048 - Keeps people at a distance; avoids close interpersonal relationships
CAQ049 - Basically distrustful of people in general
CAQ050 - Unpredictable and changeable in behavior and attitudes
CAQ051 - Genuinely values intellectual and cognitive matters
CAQ052 - Behaves in an assertive fashion
CAQ053 - Unable to delay gratification
CAQ054 - Emphasizes being with others; gregarious
CAQ055 - Self-defeating
CAQ056 - Responds to humor
CAQ057 - Interesting, arresting person
CAQ058 - Enjoys sensuous experiences (touch, taste, smell, physical contact)
CAQ059 - Concerned with own body and adequacy of physiological functioning
CAQ060 - Has insight into own motives and behavior
CAQ061 - Creates and exploits dependency in people
CAQ062 - Tends to be rebellious and non-conforming
CAQ063 - Judges self and other in conventional terms
CAQ064 - Socially perceptive of a wide range of interpersonal cues
CAQ065 - Pushes and tries to stretch limits
CAQ066 - Enjoys esthetic impressions; is esthetically reactive
CAQ067 - Self-indulgent
CAQ068 - Basically anxious
CAQ069 - Sensitive to anything that can be construed as a demand
CAQ070 - Behaves in an ethically consistent manner
CAQ071 - Has high aspiration level for self
CAQ072 - Concerned with own adequacy as a person
CAQ073 - Tends to perceive many different contexts in sexual terms
CAQ074 - Subjectively unaware of self-concern; feels satisfied with self
CAQ075 - Has a clear-cut, internally consistent personality
CAQ076 - Projects feelings and motivations onto others
CAQ077 - Appears straightforward, forthright, candid in dealing with others
CAQ078 - Feels cheated and victimized by life; self-pitying
CAQ079 - Ruminates and has persistent, preoccupying thoughts
CAQ080 - Interested in members of the opposite sex
CAQ081 - Physically attractive; good-looking
CAQ082 - Has fluctuating moods
CAQ083 - Able to see to the heart of important problems
CAQ084 - Cheerful
CAQ085 - Emphasizes communication through action and non-verbal behavior
CAQ086 - Repressive and dissociative tendencies; denies unpleasant thoughts and conflicts
CAQ087 - Interprets basically simple and clear-cut situations in complicated and particularizing ways
CAQ088 - Personally charming
CAQ089 - Compares self to others
CAQ090 - Concerned with philosophical problems
CAQ091 - Power-oriented; values power in self and others
CAQ092 - Has social poise and presence; appears socially at ease
CAQ093 - Behaves in gender-appropriate masculine or feminine style and manner
CAQ094 - Expresses hostile feelings directly
CAQ095 - Tends to offer advice
CAQ096 - Values own independence and autonomy
CAQ097 - Emotionally bland; has flattened affect
CAQ098 - Verbally fluent; can express ideas well
CAQ099 - Self-dramatizing; histrionic
CAQ100 - Does not vary roles; relates to everyone in the same way



Block, J. (1961). The Q-Sort Method in Personality Assessment and Psychiatric Research. Springfield, IL: Charles C. Thomas.



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