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This is the abreivated content from the Riverside Behavioral Q-Sort version 3 (67 items).




A data frame with 67 observations on the following variable.


RBQ001 - Interviews others (if present) (e.g., asks a series of questions)
RBQ002 - Volunteers a large amount of information about self
RBQ003 - Seems interested in what someone had to say (Disregard whether interest appears "genuine" or "polite")
RBQ004 - Tries to control the situation (Disregard whether attempts at control succeed or not)
RBQ005 - Dominates the situation (Disregard intention, e.g., if P dominates the situation "by default" because other(s) present do very little, this item should receive high placement)
RBQ006 - Appears to be relaxed and comfortable
RBQ007 - Exhibits social skills (e.g., does things to make other(s) comfortable, keeps conversation moving, entertains or charms other(s))
RBQ008 - Is reserved and unexpressive (e.g., expresses little affect; acts in a stiff, formal manner)
RBQ009 - Laughs frequently (Disregard whether laughter appears to be "nervous" or "genuine")
RBQ010 - Smiles frequently
RBQ011 - Is physically animated; moves around a great deal
RBQ012 - Seems to like other(s) present (e.g., would probably like to be friends with them)
RBQ013 - Exhibits an awkward interpersonal style (e.g., seems to have difficulty knowing what to say, mumbles, fails to respond to other(s)' conversational advances)
RBQ014 - Compares self to other(s) (whether others are present or not)
RBQ015 - Shows high enthusiasm and a high energy level
RBQ016 - Shows a wide range of interests (e.g., talks about many topics)
RBQ017 - Talks at rather than with other(s) (e.g., conducts a monologue, ignores what others say)
RBQ018 - Expresses agreement frequently (High placement implies agreement is expressed unusually often, e.g., in response to each and every statement made. Low placement implies unusual lack of expression of agreement.)
RBQ019 - Expresses criticism (of anybody or anything) (Low placement implies expresses praise)
RBQ020 - Is talkative (as observed in this situation)
RBQ021 - Expresses insecurity (e.g., seems touchy or overly sensitive)
RBQ022 - Shows physical signs of tension or anxiety (e.g., fidgets nervously, voice wavers)(Lack of signs of anxiety = middle placement; low placement = lack of signs under circumstances where you would expect to see them)
RBQ023 - Exhibits a high degree of intelligence (NB: At issue is what is displayed in the interaction not what may or may not be latent. Thus, give this item high placement only if P actually says or does something of high intelligence. Low placement implies exhibition of low intelligence; medium placement = no information one way or the other)
RBQ024 - Expresses sympathy (to anyone, i.e., including conversational references)(Low placement implies unusual lack of sympathy)
RBQ025 - Initiates humor
RBQ026 - Seeks reassurance (e.g., asks for agreement, fishes for praise)
RBQ027 - Exhibits condescending behavior (e.g., acts as if self is superior to others [present, or otherwise])(Low placement implies acting inferior)
RBQ028 - Seems likable (to other(s) present)
RBQ029 - Seeks advice
RBQ030 - Appears to regard self as physically attractive
RBQ031 - Acts irritated
RBQ032 - Expresses warmth (to anyone, e.g., include any references to "my close friend," etc)
RBQ033 - Tries to undermine, sabotage or obstruct
RBQ034 - Expresses hostility (no matter toward whom or what)
RBQ035 - Is unusual or unconventional in appearance
RBQ036 - Behaves in a fearful or timid manner
RBQ037 - Is expressive in face, voice or gestures
RBQ038 - Expresses interest in fantasy or daydreams (Low placement only if such interest is explicitly disavowed)
RBQ039 - Expresses guilt (about anything)
RBQ040 - Keep other(s) at a distance; avoids development of any sort of interpersonal relationship (Low placement implies behavior to get close to other(s))
RBQ041 - Shows interest in intellectual or cognitive matters (e.g., by discussing an intellectual idea in detail or with enthusiasm)
RBQ042 - Seems to enjoy the situation
RBQ043 - Says or does something interesting
RBQ044 - Says negative things about self (e.g., is self-critical; expresses feelings of inadequacy)
RBQ045 - Displays ambition (e.g., passionate discussion of career plans, course grades, opportunities to make money)
RBQ046 - Blames others (for anything)
RBQ047 - Expresses self-pity or feelings of victimization
RBQ048 - Expresses sexual interest (e.g., acts attracted to someone present; expresses interest in dating or sexual matters in general)
RBQ049 - Behaves in a cheerful manner
RBQ050 - Gives up when faced with obstacles (Low placement implies unusual persistence)
RBQ051 - Behaves in a stereotypically masculine/feminine style or manner (Apply the usual stereotypes appropriate to the P's sex. Low placement implies behavior stereotypical of the opposite sex)
RBQ052 - Offers advice
RBQ053 - Speaks fluently and expresses ideas well
RBQ054 - Emphasizes accomplishments of self, family or acquaintances (Low placement = emphasizes failures of these individuals)
RBQ055 - Behaves in a competitive manner (Low placement implies cooperative behavior)
RBQ056 - Speaks in a loud voice
RBQ057 - Speaks sarcastically (e.g., says things (s)he does not mean; makes facetious comments that are not necessarily funny)
RBQ058 - Makes or approaches physical contact with other(s) (Of any sort, including sitting unusually close without touching) (Low placement implies unusual avoidance of physical contact, such as large interpersonal distance)
RBQ059 - Engages in constant eye contact with someone (Low placement implies unusual lack of eye contact)
RBQ060 - Seems detached from the situation
RBQ061 - Speaks quickly (Low placement = speaks slowly)
RBQ062 - Acts playful
RBQ063 - Other(s) seek advice from P
RBQ064 - Concentrates on/works hard at a task (Low placement implies loafing)
RBQ065 - Engages in physical activity (e.g., works up a sweat)(Low placement = almost completely sedentary)
RBQ066 - Acts in a self-indulgent manner (e.g., spending, eating, or drinking)(Low placement implies self-denial)
RBQ067 - Exhibits physical discomfort or pain (High placement = in excess of what seems proportionate; Low placement implies lack of these signs where expected)




Sherman, R. A., Nave, C. S., & Funder, D. C. (2012). Properties of persons and situations related to overall and distinctive personality-behavior congruence. Journal of Research in Personality, 46, 87-101



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