Man pages for muma
Metabolomics Univariate and Multivariate Analysis

box.plotGenerate box plots
chose.driverList variables in the dataset
col.pvaluesColor-coding based on significance
explore.dataPreprocessing and principal component analysis of metabolomic...
MetaBcMetabolomics data of B cells
muma-packageMetabolomics Univariate and Multivariate Analyses
oplsdaOrthogonal Partial Least Sqaure Discriminant Analysis
ostocsyOSC Statistical TOtal Correlation SpectroscopY
outlierTest for Outlier
Plot.pcaprincipal component analysis plotting
Plot.pca.loadingPlot PCA Loading Plot
Plot.pca.pvaluesPCA Loading plot color-coded for univariate significance
Plot.pca.scorePlot PCA Score Plot
Plot.plsdaPLS plots
plsdaPartial Least Square Discriminant Analysis
pvaluesP-values reporting
ransyRatio Analysis NMR SpectroscopY
shapiroShapiro Wilk's test
stocsyStatistical TOtal Correlation SpectroscopY
stocsy.1dStatistical TOtal Correlation SpectroscopY - monodimensional
univariateUnivariate statistical analysis
volcanoVolcano plots
welchWelch's T test
wmwWilcoxon-Mann Whitney U test
work.dirCreate a working directory
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