Man pages for naaccr
Read Cancer Records in the NAACCR Format

as.naaccr_recordCoerce to a naaccr_record dataset Convert objects into...
clean_address_cityClean city names
clean_address_number_and_streetClean house number and street values
clean_ageClean patient ages
clean_census_blockClean Census block group codes
clean_census_tractClean Census tract group codes
clean_countClean counts
clean_county_fipsClean county FIPS codes
clean_facility_idClean facility identification numbers
clean_icd_9_cmClean ICD-9-CM codes
clean_icd_codeClean cause of death codes
clean_physician_idClean physician identification numbers
clean_postalClean postal codes
clean_ssnClean Social Security ID numbers
clean_telephoneClean telephone numbers
clean_textClean free-form text
field_levelsList of possible values for a field
naaccr_booleanInterpret NAACCR-style booleans
naaccr_dateParse NAACCR-formatted dates
naaccr_datetimeParse NAACCR-formatted datetimes
naaccr_encodeFormat a value as a string according to the NAACCR format
naaccr_factorReplace NAACCR codes with understandable factors
naaccr_formatField definitions from all NAACCR format versions
naaccr_overrideInterpret basic over-ride flags
naaccr_recordAnalysis-ready NAACCR records
read_naaccrRead NAACCR records
record_formatDefine custom fields for NAACCR records
split_sentineledSeparate a field's continuous and sentinel values
split_sequence_numberUnpack tumor sequence number data
unknown_to_naReplace labels for unknown with NA
write_naaccrArrange the format for writing Write records in NAACCR format
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