cmtk.bindir: Return path to directory containing CMTK binaries

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Return path to directory containing CMTK binaries


The Computational Morphometry Toolkit (CMTK) is the default image registration toolkit supported by nat. An external CMTK installation is required in order to apply CMTK registrations. This function attempts to locate the full path to the CMTK executable files and can query and set an option.


  firstdir = getOption("nat.cmtk.bindir"),
  extradirs = c("~/bin", "/usr/local/lib/cmtk/bin", "/usr/local/bin", "/opt/local/bin",
    "/opt/local/lib/cmtk/bin/", "/Applications/IGSRegistrationTools/bin",
    "C:\\Program Files\\CMTK-3.3\\CMTK\\lib\\cmtk\\bin"),
  set = FALSE,
  check = FALSE,
  cmtktool = "gregxform"



Character vector specifying path containing CMTK binaries or NA (see details). This defaults to options('nat.cmtk.bindir').


Where to look if CMTK is not in firstdir or the PATH


Whether to set options('nat.cmtk.bindir') with the found directory. Also check/sets cygwin path on Windows (see Installation section).


Whether to (re)check that a path that has been set appropriately in options(nat.cmtk.bindir='/some/path') or now found in the PATH or alternative directories. Will throw an error on failure.


Name of a specific cmtk tool which will be used to identify the location of all cmtk binaries.


Queries options('nat.cmtk.bindir') if firstdir is not specified. If that does not contain the appropriate binaries, it will look in the system PATH for the cmtk wrapper script installed by most recent cmtk installations.

Failing that, it will look for the cmtk tool specified by cmtktool, first in the path and then a succession of plausible places until it finds something. Setting options(nat.cmtk.bindir=NA) or passing firstdir=NA will stop the function from trying to locate CMTK, always returning NULL unless check=TRUE, in which case it will error out.


Character vector giving path to CMTK binary directory or NULL when this cannot be found.


It is recommended to install released CMTK versions available from the NITRC website. A bug in composition of affine transformations from CMTK parameters in the CMTK versions <2.4 series means that CMTK>=3.0 is strongly recommended. CMTK v3 registrations are not backwards compatible with CMTK v2, but CMTKv3 can correctly interpret and convert registrations from earlier versions.

On Windows, when set=TRUE, cmtk.bindir will also check that the cygwin bin directory is in the PATH. If it is not, then it is added for the current R session. This should solve issues with missing cygwin dlls.

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message(ifelse(is.null(d<-cmtk.bindir()), "CMTK not found!",
               paste("CMTK is at:",d)))
## Not run: 
# set options('nat.cmtk.bindir') according to where cmtk was found
## End(Not run)

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