plot3d: plot3d methods for different nat objects

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These methods enable nat objects including neuronlists and dotprops objects to be plotted in 3D. See the help for each individual method for details along with the help for the generic in the rgl package.

See Also

plot3d, plot3d.boundingbox, plot3d.character, plot3d.cmtkreg, plot3d.dotprops, plot3d.hxsurf, plot3d.neuron, plot3d.neuronlist


# all known plot3d methods

# up to date list of all plot3d nethods in this package
intersect(methods("plot3d"), ls(asNamespace("nat")))

Example output

Loading required package: rgl
Registered S3 method overwritten by 'nat':
  method             from
  as.mesh3d.ashape3d rgl 
Some nat functions depend on a CMTK installation. See ?cmtk and for details.

Attaching package:natThe following objects are masked frompackage:base:

    intersect, setdiff, union

Warning messages:
1: In rgl.init(initValue, onlyNULL) : RGL: unable to open X11 display
2: 'rgl.init' failed, running with 'rgl.useNULL = TRUE'. 
 [1] plot3d.ashape3d*      plot3d.boundingbox*   plot3d.character*    
 [4] plot3d.cmtkreg*       plot3d.default*       plot3d.deldir*       
 [7] plot3d.dotprops*      plot3d.formula*       plot3d.function*     
[10] plot3d.hxsurf*        plot3d.lm*            plot3d.mesh3d*       
[13] plot3d.neuron*        plot3d.neuronlist*    plot3d.rglbackground*
[16] plot3d.rglbboxdeco*   plot3d.rglobject*     plot3d.rglscene*     
[19] plot3d.rglsubscene*   plot3d.rglWebGL*      plot3d.tri*          
[22] plot3d.triSht*       
see '?methods' for accessing help and source code
[1] "plot3d.boundingbox" "plot3d.character"   "plot3d.cmtkreg"    
[4] "plot3d.dotprops"    "plot3d.hxsurf"      "plot3d.neuron"     
[7] "plot3d.neuronlist" 

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