footRaster: Extract eddy covariance footprint data from HDF5 format

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Extract eddy covariance footprint data from HDF5 format


Create a raster of flux footprint data. Specific to expanded package of eddy covariance data product: DP4.00200.001 For definition of a footprint, see Glossary of Meteorology: For background information about flux footprints and considerations around the time scale of footprint calculations, see Amiro 1998:





One of: a folder containing NEON EC H5 files, a zip file of DP4.00200.001 data downloaded from the NEON data portal, a folder of DP4.00200.001 data downloaded by the neonUtilities::zipsByProduct() function, or a single NEON EC H5 file. Filepath can only contain files for a single site. [character]


Given a filepath containing H5 files of expanded package DP4.00200.001 data, extracts flux footprint data and creates a raster.


A rasterStack object containing all the footprints in the input files, plus one layer (the first in the stack) containing the mean footprint.


Claire Lunch


License: GNU AFFERO GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3, 19 November 2007


## Not run: 
# To run the function on a zip file downloaded from the NEON data portal:
ftprnt <- footRaster(filepath="~/")

## End(Not run)

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