cumulative_adopt_count: Cummulative count of adopters

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For each time period, calculates the number of adopters, the proportion of adopters, and the adoption rate.





A n * T matrix (Cumulative adoption matrix obtained from toa_mat) or a diffnet object.


The rate of adoption–returned in the 3rd row out the resulting matrix–is calculated as

[q(t) - q(t-1)]/q(t-1)

where q(i) is the number of adopters in time t. Note that it is only calculated fot t>1.


A 3 * T matrix, where its rows contain the number of adoptes, the proportion of adopters and the rate of adoption respectively, for earch period of time.


George G. Vega Yon, Stephanie R. Dyal, Timothy B. Hayes & Thomas W. Valente

See Also

Other statistics: bass, classify_adopters, dgr, ego_variance, exposure, hazard_rate, infection, moran, struct_equiv, threshold, vertex_covariate_dist

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