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Network-Based Gene Set Analysis

bic.netEst.undirBayesian information criterion to select the tuning...
breastcancer2012Breast cancer data from TCGA (2012).
edgelistA data frame of edges, each row corresponding to one edge
gA directed acyclic graph corresponding to the Adrenergic...
groupThe vector of class indicators
netEst.dirConstrained estimation of directed networks
netEst.undirConstrained estimation of undirected networks
NetGSANetwork-based Gene Set Analysis
netgsa-packageNetwork-Based Gene Set Analysis
nonedgelistA data frame of nonedges, each row corresponding to one...
pathwaysA list of KEGG pathways
prepareAdjacencyMatrixConstruct adjacency matrices from existing databases or user...
preparePathwaysPrepare pathway dataset needed by NetGSA
xData matrix p by n
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