Man pages for netmhc2pan
Interface to 'NetMHCIIpan'

capitalize_first_charConvert the first character to upper case.
check_allelesCheck the allele names
check_can_create_fileCheck that a file can be created at a certain path.
check_fasta_file_sequence_lengthsCheck the lengths of the sequences in a FASTA file
check_netmhc2pan_bin_urlCheck the URL of the NetMHCIIpan binary tarball
check_netmhc2pan_data_urlCheck the URL of the NetMHCIIpan binary tarball
check_netmhc2pan_installationChecks the installation of NetMHCIIpan.
create_temp_fasta_filenameCreate a '.fasta' file
create_temp_xls_filenameCreate a '.xls' file
default_params_docThis function does nothing. It is intended to inherit is...
download_netmhc2pan_binDownload the NetMHCIIpan binary
get_default_netmhc2pan_bin_pathGet the full path to the default NetMHC2pan binary
get_default_netmhc2pan_bin_tarfile_pathGet the default path for the NetMHCIIpan binary tarball file
get_default_netmhc2pan_folderGet the path to the folder where this package installs...
get_default_netmhc2pan_subfolderGet the full path to the NetMHC2pan sub-folder
get_default_netmhc2pan_versionGet the default NetMHC2pan version used
get_netmhc2pan_allelesGet a list of the alleles supported by NetMHCIIpan
get_netmhc2pan_archive_filenameGet the filename of the NetMHC2pan archive file
get_netmhc2pan_bin_urlGet the NetMHCIIpan binary download URL.
get_netmhc2pan_data_urlGet the NetMHCIIpan data tarball URL.
get_netmhc2pan_urlDeprecated, use get_netmhc2pan_bin_url instead
install_netmhc2panInstall NetMHCIIpan
install_netmhc2pan_binInstall the NetMHCIIpan binary to a local folder
install_netmhc2pan_bin_from_fileInstall the NetMHCIIpan binary to a local folder
install_netmhc2pan_dataInstall the NetMHCIIpan data to a local folder
install_netmhc2pan_data_from_fileInstall the NetMHCIIpan data from file
install_netmhc2pan_from_filesInstall NetMHCIIpan from files.
is_netmhc2pan_bin_installedMeasure if NetMHCIIpan binary is installed locally
is_netmhc2pan_data_installedMeasure if NetMHCIIpan data folder is installed locally
is_netmhc2pan_haplotypeIs the haplotype valid?
is_netmhc2pan_installedMeasure if NetMHCIIpan is installed locally
is_netmhc2pan_set_upMeasure if NetMHCIIpan is set up
is_on_travisDetermines if the environment is Travis CI
is_tcsh_installedSee if tcsh is installed
is_url_validIs the download URL valid?
netmhc2pannetmhc2pan: predict peptide binding strengths using...
netmhc2pan_reportCreate a 'netmhc2pan' report, to be used when reporting bugs
netmhc2pan_self_testTest NetMHCIIpan
predict_ic50Predict the IC50 for peptides.
predict_ic50sPredict the IC50s from a sequence
read_netmhc2pan_xls_outputRead MHC2pan output
run_netmhc2panRun NetMHCIIpan
set_up_netmhc2panInstall the NetMHCIIpan binary to a local folder
to_netmhc2pan_nameConvert a formal haplotype name to its NetMHC2pan notation
uninstall_netmhc2panUninstall NetMHCIIpan
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