Man pages for neuRosim
Simulate fMRI Data

balloonBalloon model
canonicalHRFDouble-gamma Haemodynamic reponse function
gammaHRFSingle Gamma Haemodynamic response function.
GaussSmoothKernelCalculates a discrete Gaussian smoothing kernel (adopted from...
lowfreqdriftGenerate low frequency drift
neuRosim-packageFunctions to Generate fMRI Data Including Activated Data,...
physnoiseGenerate physiological noise
rriceThe Rice Distribution
Sim.3D.GRFSimulate a GRF (adopted from 'AnalyzeFMRI')
simprepSpatialPrepare spatial structure of the data
simprepTemporalPrepare temporal structure of the data
simTSfmriSimulate fMRI time series
simTSrestingstateSimulate fMRI resting state time series
simVOLfmriSimulate 3D or 4D fMRI data
spatialnoiseGenerate spatially correlated noise
specifydesignGenerate design matrix.
specifyregionGenerate activation image
stimfunctionGenerate a stimulus boxcar function.
systemnoiseGenerate system noise
tasknoiseGenerate task-related noise
temporalnoiseGenerate temporally correlated noise
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