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makeParamInfoR Documentation

Make an object of information about a model-parameter pairing for getParam. Used internally


Creates a simple getParam_info object, which has a list with a paramID and a type


makeParamInfo(model, nodes, param, vector = FALSE)



A model such as returned by nimbleModel.


A character string naming one one or more stochastic nodes, such as "mu", "c('mu', 'beta[2]')", or "eta[1:3, 2]". getParam only works for one node at a time, but if it is indexed (nodes[i]), then makeParamInfo sets up the information for the entire vector nodes. The processing pathway is used by the NIMBLE compiler.


A character string naming a parameter of the distribution followed by node, such as "mean", "rate", "lambda", or whatever parameter names are relevant for the distribution of the node.


A logical indicating whether nodes should definitely be treated as a vector in compiled code, even if it has length = 1. For type consistency, the compiler needs this option. If nodes has length > 1, this argument is ignored.


This is used internally by getParam. It is not intended for direct use by a user or even a nimbleFunction programmer.

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