nimCat: cat function for use in nimbleFunctions

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cat function for use in nimbleFunctions


cat function for use in nimbleFunctions





an arbitrary set of arguments that will be printed in sequence.


cat in nimbleFunction run-code imitates the R function cat. It prints its arguments in order. No newline is inserted, so include "\n" if one is desired.

When an uncompiled nimbleFunction is executed, R's cat is used. In a compiled nimbleFunction, a C++ output stream is used that will generally format output similarly to R's cat. Non-scalar numeric objects can be included, although their output will be formatted slightly different in uncompiled and compiled nimbleFunctions.

In nimbleFunction run-time code, cat is identical to print except the latter appends a newline at the end.

nimCat is the same as cat, and the latter is converted to the former when a nimbleFunction is defined.

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ans <- matrix(1:4, nrow = 2) ## R code, not NIMBLE code
nimCat('Answer is ', ans) ## would work in R or NIMBLE

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