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NIMBLE Options Settings


Allow the user to set and examine a variety of global _options_ that affect the way in which NIMBLE operates. Call nimbleOptions() with no arguments to see a list of available opions.





any options to be defined as one or more name = value pairs or as a single list of name=value pairs.


nimbleOptions mimics options. Invoking nimbleOptions() with no arguments returns a list with the current values of the options. To access the value of a single option, one should use getNimbleOption().


When invoked with no arguments, returns a list with the current values of all options. When invoked with one or more arguments, returns a list of the the updated options with their updated values.


Christopher Paciorek


# Set one option:
nimbleOptions(verifyConjugatePosteriors = FALSE)

# Compactly print all options:
str(nimbleOptions(), max.level = 1)

# Save-and-restore options:
old <- nimbleOptions()                    # Saves old options.
nimbleOptions(showCompilerOutput = TRUE,
              verboseErrors = TRUE)       # Sets temporary options.
# stuff...
nimbleOptions(old)                        # Restores old options.

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