simNodes: Basic nimbleFunctions for calculate, simulate, and getLogProb...

simNodesR Documentation

Basic nimbleFunctions for calculate, simulate, and getLogProb with a set of nodes


simulate, calculate, or get existing log probabilities for the current values in a NIMBLE model


simNodes(model, nodes)

calcNodes(model, nodes)

getLogProbNodes(model, nodes)



A NIMBLE model


A set of nodes. If none are provided, default is all model$getNodeNames()


These are basic nimbleFunctions that take a model and set of nodes and return a function that will call calculate, simulate, or getLogProb on those nodes. Each is equivalent to a direct call from R, but in nimbleFunction form they can be be compiled and can be put into a nimbleFunctionList. For example, myCalc <- calcNodes(model, nodes); ans <- myCalc() is equivalent to ans <- model$calculate(nodes), but one can also do CmyCalc <- compileNimble(myCalc) to get a faster version.

In nimbleFunctions, for only one set of nodes, it is equivalent or slightly better to simply use model$calculate(nodes) in the run-time code. The compiler will process the model-nodes combination in the same way as would occur by creating a specialized calcNodes in the setup code. However, if there are multiple sets of nodes, one can do the following:

Setup code: myCalcs <- nimbleFunctionList(calcNodes); myCalcs[[1]] <- calcNodes(model, nodes[[1]]); myCalcs[[2]] <- calcNodes[[2]]

Run code: for(i in seq_along(myCalcs)) {ans[i] <- myCalcs[[i]]()}


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