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simNodesMVR Documentation

Basic nimbleFunctions for using a NIMBLE model with sets of stored values


simulate, calculate, or get the existing log probabilities for values in a modelValues object using a NIMBLE model


simNodesMV(model, mv, nodes)

calcNodesMV(model, mv, nodes)

getLogProbNodesMV(model, mv, nodes)



A nimble model.


A modelValues object in which multiple sets of model variables and their corresponding logProb values are or will be saved. mv must include the nodes provided


A set of nodes. If none are provided, default is all model$getNodeNames()


simNodesMV simulates values in the given nodes and saves them in mv. calcNodesMV calculates these nodes for each row of mv and returns a vector of the total log probabilities (densities) for each row. getLogProbNodesMV is like calcNodesMV without actually doing the calculations.

Each of these will expand variables or index blocks and topologically sort them so that each node's parent nodes are processed before itself.

getLogProbMV should be used carefully. It is generally for situations where the logProb values are guaranteed to have already been calculated, and all that is needed is to query them. The risk is that a program may have changed the values in the nodes, in which case getLogProbMV would collect logProb values that are out of date with the node values.


from simNodesMV: NULL. from calcNodesMV and getLogProbMV: a vector of the sum of log probabilities (densities) from any stochastic nodes in nodes.

Run time arguments

  • m

    (simNodesMV only). Number of simulations requested.

  • saveLP

    (calcNodesMVonly). Whether to save the logProb values in mv. Should be given as TRUE unless there is a good reason not to.


Clifford Anderson-Bergman


code <- nimbleCode({
for(i in 1:5)
x[i] ~ dnorm(0,1)

myModel <- nimbleModel(code)
myMV <- modelValues(myModel)

Rsim <- simNodesMV(myModel, myMV)
Rcalc <- calcNodesMV(myModel, myMV)
Rglp <- getLogProbNodesMV(myModel, myMV)
## Not run: 
  cModel <- compileNimble(myModel)
  Csim <- compileNimble(Rsim, project = myModel)
  Ccalc <- compileNimble(Rcalc, project = myModel)
  Cglp <- compileNimble(Rglp, project = myModel)
  Ccalc$run(saveLP = TRUE)
  Cglp$run()	#Gives identical answers to Ccalc because logProbs were saved
  Ccalc$run(saveLP = FALSE)
  Cglp$run()	  #Gives wrong answers because logProbs were not saved
  result <- as.matrix(Csim$mv)

## End(Not run)

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