reexports: Objects exported from other packages

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Objects exported from other packages


These objects are imported from other packages. Follow the links below to see their documentation.




ACF, VarCorr, augPred, fixed.effects, fixef, getData, getVarCov, groupedData, nlme, nlmeControl, pdBlocked, pdCompSymm, pdConstruct, pdDiag, pdFactor, pdIdent, pdLogChol, pdMat, pdMatrix, pdNatural, pdSymm, random.effects, ranef, reStruct, varComb, varConstPower, varExp, varFixed, varFunc, varIdent, varPower, varWeights


RxODE, add.dosing, add.sampling, et, et, eventTable, expit, geom_amt, geom_cens, logit, probit, probitInv, rxCat, rxClean, rxParam, rxParams, rxSolve, rxSolve, rxSymPySetupPred, stat_amt, stat_cens

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