Man pages for nonmem2R
Loading NONMEM Output Files with Functions for Visual Predictive Checks (VPC) and Goodness of Fit (GOF) Plots

add.captionAdd caption to ggplot object
basic.eta.GOFHistogram and/or QQ-norm GOF for ETA's
basic.GOF4Basic 4- and 6-panel GOF
covloadLoad the covariance matrix from a nonmem .cov output file.
covload.sub.tableInternal package function vs categorical X GOF-plot
do.individual.GOFIndividual GOF-plots
do.multi.GOFMultiple Y vs single X GOF-plot GOF-plot
eta.cov.GOFCovariate and pairs ETA GOFs
extFormatInternal package function
extloadLoad final parameter values from a nonmem .ext output file.
extload.sub.tableInternal package function
extToTableCompile parameter table suitable for reports
extTransformInternal package function
get.GOF.dictionaryGet, set, and modify the global (or local) GOF parameters and...
get.labelLabels for known NONMEM variables
get.model.pathGet and set model.path
grid.simCombine fix grid and simulated grid based on multivariate...
grid.sim.internal1Internal function
grid.sim.internal2Internal function
grid.sim.internal3Internal function
histGOFHistogram GOF
merge2GOFMerging 2, 4, or 6 GOF's into one graph
modloadShow model file
position_scalePosition for scaling y
PositionScaleggproto for position_scale
print.extToTablePrint function for compiled summary information of class...
print.modloadPrint function for loaded mod file
print.sumoRPrint function for compiled summary information of class...
qqnormGOFQQ-norm GOF
readVpcInternal package function
stat_corrAdding correlation to x-y plots
StatCorrggproto for stat_corr
stat_denxDensity for x in x-y plot
StatDenxggproto for stat_denx
stat_dnormNormal density
StatDnormggproto for stat_dnorm
stat_hmeanHorizontal reference at mean
StatHmeanggproto for stat_hmean
stat_hmedianHorizontal reference at median
StatHmedianggproto for stat_hmedian
stat_QQnormQuantile-Quantile Plots
StatQQnormggproto for stat_QQnorm
stat_QQreflineAdd reference line to Quantile-Quantile Plots
StatQQreflineggproto for stat_QQrefline
stat_QQVPCAdd VPC confidence interval for Quantile-Quantile Plots
StatQQVPCggproto for stat_QQVPC
sumoRCompile summary information for NONMEM model based on the lst...
sumoRUInternal package function
systemPSNRun qpsn system call
test.grid.simFunction for testing grid.sim and compare with rmvnorm
vpcfigVisual Predictive Check (VPC) based on Perl-speaks-NONMEM...
vpcfig2Visual Predictive Check (VPC) based on Perl-speaks-NONMEM...
vpcfig3Visual Predictive Check (VPC) based on raw Perl-speaks-NONMEM...
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