nortsTest-package: 'Assessing Normality of Stationary Process.'

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Despite that several tests for normality in stationary processes have been proposed in the literature, consistent implementations of these tests in programming languages are limited. Four normality test are implemented. The Lobato and Velasco's, Epps, Psaradakis and Vavra, and the random projections tests for stationary process. Some other diagnostics such as, unit root test for stationarity, seasonal tests for seasonality, and arch effect test for volatility; are also performed. The package also offers residual diagnostic for linear time series models developed in several packages.


We present four main functions, for testing the hypothesis of normality in stationary process, the epps.test, lobato.test, rp.test, and varvra.test. Additionally, we provide functions for unit root, seasonality and ARCH effects tests for stationary, and other additional methods for visual checks using the ggplot2 and forecast packages.


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