Man pages for nprotreg
Nonparametric Rotations for Sphere-Sphere Regression

convert_cartesian_to_sphericalConverts Cartesian to Spherical Coordinates.
convert_spherical_to_cartesianConverts Spherical to Cartesian Coordinates.
cross_validate_concentrationCross-validates The Concentration Parameter In A 3D Spherical...
expmComputes the Exponential of a 3D Skew Symmetric Matrix.
fit_regressionFits a 3D Spherical Regression.
get_equally_spaced_pointsGenerates Equally Spaced Points On A 3D Sphere.
get_skew_symmetric_matrixGets a 3-by-3 Skew Symmetric Matrix.
logmComputes the Logarithm of a 3D Rotation Matrix.
nprotregnprotreg: Nonparametric Rotations for Sphere-Sphere...
simulate_regressionSimulates a 3D Spherical Regression.
simulate_rigid_regressionSimulates a Rigid 3D Spherical Regression.
weight_explanatory_pointsWeights the Specified Explanatory Points in a 3D Spherical...
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