Man pages for oceanmap
A Plotting Toolbox for 2D Oceanographic Data

add.regionadding a region to the region_definitions file
area_extracExtracts a pre-defined region from ".gz"-file and saves...
bindate2Titlereturns formatted date string for v-plot titles
check_gzfilesReturns summary on ".gz"-file types
check_tschecks if daily ".gz"-file time series is complete
clim_plotplots ".gz"-file climatologies
close_figfunction to close current graphic device
cmapcolor maps
cust.colorbardefines colorbar settings for 'v.raster' and...
delete.regiondeletes a region from the region_definitions-definition file
digitsreturns recognized number of digits for colorbar ticklabels
empty.plotCreates an empty scatter plot
figuregenerate (and save) graphic devices with flexible fileformat...
get.avg.bathyreturns the average value of circles with specified...
get.bathyReturns bathymetric data from the NOAA ETOPO1 database as...
get.cb.posReturns additional colorbar placement information
internal.datasetsinternal datasets
matrix2rasterConverts a matrix to a RasterLayer or arrays to a...
name_joincreate "'.gz"-filenames from a list or dataframe
name_splitReturns a summary data frame of ".gz" encoded oceanography...
nc2rasterConvert Raster layer to a matrix or array
nc2timereads and converts the time variable of a netcdf-file...
oceanmapoceanmap - plot tools for 2D oceanographic data
param_convertconverts byte data to absolte values or vise versa...
parameter_definitionsparameter definitions dataframe
plotmapplots landmask of a defined region
raster2matrixConvert Raster layer to a matrix or array
readbinReturns ".gz"-file as matrix or raster-object
region2SpatialPolygoncreates polygon from raster extent
region_definitionsregion definitions dataframe
regionsReturns two-row summary table of a specified region.
set.colorbarAdds colorbar to an extisting plot device
SpatialCircleCreates a circle of radius r around a specified point.
vPlotting spatial data
worldmapWorld Map
writebinSaves geographic data as byte file (".gz")
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