Man pages for openEBGM
EBGM Disproportionality Scores for Adverse Event Data Mining

autoHyperSemi-automated hyperparameter estimation
autoSquashAutomated data squashing
caersDietary supplement reports and products
caers_rawRaw CAERS data
ebgmCalculate EBGM scores
ebScoresConstruct an openEBGM object
exploreHypersExplore various hyperparameter estimates
hyperEMEstimate hyperparameters using an EM algorithm
negLLLikelihood without zero counts
negLLsquashLikelihood with data squashing and no zero counts
negLLzeroLikelihood with zero counts
negLLzeroSquashLikelihood with data squashing & zero counts
openEBGM'openEBGM': EBGM Scores for Mining Large Contingency Tables
plot.openEBGMPlot an openEBGM object
print.openEBGMPrint an openEBGM object
processRawProcess raw data
QnCalculate Qn
quantBisectFind quantiles of the posterior distribution
squashDataSquash data for hyperparameter estimation
summary.openEBGMSummarize an openEBGM object
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