Man pages for openxlsx
Read, Write and Edit xlsx Files

activeSheetGet/set active sheet of the workbook
addCreatorAdd another author to the meta data of the file.
addFilterAdd column filters
addStyleAdd a style to a set of cells
addWorksheetAdd a worksheet to a workbook
all.equalCheck equality of workbooks
buildWorkbookBuild Workbook
cloneWorksheetClone a worksheet to a workbook
col2intConvert Excel column to integer
conditionalFormatAdd conditional formatting to cells
conditionalFormattingAdd conditional formatting to cells
convertFromExcelRefConvert excel column name to integer index
convertToDateConvert from excel date number to R Date type
convertToDateTimeConvert from excel time number to R POSIXct type.
copyWorkbookCopy a Workbook object.
createCommentcreate a Comment object
createStyleCreate a cell style
createWorkbookCreate a new Workbook object
dataValidationAdd data validation to cells
deleteDataDelete cell data
freezePaneFreeze a worksheet pane
getBaseFontReturn the workbook default font
getCellRefsReturn excel cell coordinates from (x,y) coordinates
getCreatorsAdd another author to the meta data of the file.
getDateOriginGet the date origin an xlsx file is using
getNamedRegionsGet named regions
getSheetNamesGet names of worksheets
getStylesReturns a list of all styles in the workbook
getTablesList Excel tables in a workbook
groupColumnsGroup columns
groupRowsGroup Rows
if_null_thenIf NULL then ...
insertImageInsert an image into a worksheet
insertPlotInsert the current plot into a worksheet
int2colConvert integer to Excel column
loadWorkbookLoad an existing .xlsx file
makeHyperlinkStringcreate Excel hyperlink string
mergeCellsMerge cells within a worksheet
modifyBaseFontModify the default font
NamedRegionCreate / delete a named region.
namesget or set worksheet names
openXLOpen a Microsoft Excel file (xls/xlsx) or an openxlsx...
openxlsxxlsx reading, writing and editing.
openxlsxFontSizeLookupTableFont Size Lookup tables
openxlsx_optionsopenxlsx Options
pageBreakadd a page break to a worksheet
pageSetupSet page margins, orientation and print scaling
protectWorkbookProtect a workbook from modifications
protectWorksheetProtect a worksheet from modifications
readWorkbookRead from an Excel file or Workbook object
read.xlsxRead from an Excel file or Workbook object
removeCellMergeCreate a new Workbook object
removeColWidthsRemove column widths from a worksheet
removeCommentRemove a comment from a cell
removeFilterRemove a worksheet filter
removeRowHeightsRemove custom row heights from a worksheet
removeTableRemove an Excel table in a workbook
removeWorksheetRemove a worksheet from a workbook
renameWorksheetRename a worksheet
replaceStyleReplace an existing cell style
saveWorkbooksave Workbook to file
setColWidthsSet worksheet column widths
setFooterSet footer for all worksheets
setHeaderSet header for all worksheets
setHeaderFooterSet document headers and footers
setLastModifiedByAdd another author to the meta data of the file.
setRowHeightsSet worksheet row heights
sheetsReturns names of worksheets.
sheetVisibilityGet/set worksheet visible state
sheetVisibleGet worksheet visible state.
showGridLinesSet worksheet gridlines to show or hide.
temp_xlsxhelper function to create tempory directory for testing...
ungroupColumnsUngroup Columns
ungroupRowsUngroup Rows
worksheetOrderOrder of worksheets in xlsx file
writeCommentwrite a cell comment
writeDataWrite an object to a worksheet
writeDataTableWrite to a worksheet as an Excel table
writeFormulaWrite a character vector as an Excel Formula
write.xlsxwrite data to an xlsx file
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