openxlsx: xlsx reading, writing and editing.

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openxlsx simplifies the the process of writing and styling Excel xlsx files from R and removes the dependency on Java.


The openxlsx package uses global options to simplfy formatting:

  • options("openxlsx.borderColour" = "black")

  • options("openxlsx.borderStyle" = "thin")

  • options("openxlsx.dateFormat" = "mm/dd/yyyy")

  • options("openxlsx.datetimeFormat" = "yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm:ss")

  • options("openxlsx.numFmt" = NULL)

  • options("openxlsx.paperSize" = 9) ## A4

  • options("openxlsx.orientation" = "portrait") ## page orientation

See the Formatting vignette for examples.

Additional options

  • options("openxlsx.zipFlags" = "-9") ## set max zip compression level default is "-1"

See Also

  • vignette("Introduction", package = "openxlsx")

  • vignette("formatting", package = "openxlsx")

  • writeData

  • writeDataTable

  • write.xlsx

  • read.xlsx

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