compare_optmatch: Compares the equality of optmatch objects, ignoring...

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compare_optmatchR Documentation

Compares the equality of optmatch objects, ignoring attributes and group names.


This checks the equality of two optmatch objects. The only bits that matter are unit names and the grouping. Other bits such as attributes, group names, order, etc are ignored.


compare_optmatch(o1, o2)



First optmatch object.


Second optmatch object.


The names of the units can differ on any unmatched units, e.g., units whose value in the optmatch object is NA. If matched objects have differing names, this is automatically FALSE.

Note this ignores the names of the subgroups. So four members in subgroups either c("a", "a", "b", "b") or c("b", "b", "a", "a") would be identical to this call.


TRUE if the two matches have the same memberships.

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