nuclearplants: Nuclear Power Station Construction Data

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The data relate to the construction of 32 light water reactor (LWR) plants constructed in the U.S.A in the late 1960's and early 1970's. The data was collected with the aim of predicting the cost of construction of further LWR plants. 6 of the power plants had partial turnkey guarantees and it is possible that, for these plants, some manufacturers' subsidies may be hidden in the quoted capital costs.




A data frame with 32 rows and 11 columns


The data were obtained from the boot package, for which they were in turn taken from Cox and Snell (1981). Although the data themselves are the same as those in the nuclear data frame in the boot package, the row names of the data frame have been changed. (The new row names were selected to ease certain demonstrations in optmatch.)

This documentation page is also adapted from the boot package, written by Angelo Canty and ported to R by Brian Ripley.


Cox, D.R. and Snell, E.J. (1981) Applied Statistics: Principles and Examples. Chapman and Hall.

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