Defines functions executeOxcalScript

Documented in executeOxcalScript

#' Executes an Oxcal Script
#' Takes an Oxcal Script, hands it over to oxcal and receives the output that is read from the output file
#' @param oxcal_script A string containing the Oxcal commands that should be processed.
#' @return The path to the js output file
#' @author Martin Hinz
#' @export
executeOxcalScript <- function(oxcal_script) {
    oxcal_path <- getOxcalExecutablePath()
    option_file <- tempfile()
    output_file <- paste(option_file, ".js", sep = "")
    cat(oxcal_script, file = option_file)
    suppressWarnings(system(paste(shQuote(normalizePath(oxcal_path)), option_file)))
    result <- output_file

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