Man pages for pROC
Display and Analyze ROC Curves

are.pairedAre two ROC curves paired?
aSAHSubarachnoid hemorrhage data
aucCompute the area under the ROC curve
ciCompute the confidence interval of a ROC curve
ci.aucCompute the confidence interval of the AUC
ci.coordsCompute the confidence interval of arbitrary coordinates
ci.seCompute the confidence interval of sensitivities at given...
ci.spCompute the confidence interval of specificities at given...
ci.thresholdsCompute the confidence interval of thresholds
coordsCoordinates of a ROC curve
coords_transposeTransposing the output of 'coords'
covCovariance of two paired ROC curves
ggrocPlot a ROC curve with ggplot2
groupGenericpROC Group Generic Functions
has.partial.aucDoes the ROC curve have a partial AUC?
lines.rocAdd a ROC line to a ROC plot
multiclassMulti-class AUC
plot.ciPlot confidence intervals
plot.rocPlot a ROC curve
power.roc.testSample size and power computation for ROC curves
printPrint a ROC curve object
rocBuild a ROC curve
roc.testCompare two ROC curves
smoothSmooth a ROC curve
varVariance of a ROC curve
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