Man pages for pairwise
Rasch Model Parameters by Pairwise Algorithm

andersentest.persAndersen's Likelihood Ratio Test for Object of class "pers"
bfi_covCovariates to the bfiN Data
bfiN5 polytomous personality items
bfiN_miss5 polytomous personality items
catprobCategory Probability Plots
cogMath PISA (2003) data
cogBOOKLETBooklet allocation table for Math PISA (2003) data
deltaparCompute delta parameters from thurstonian thresholds
DEU_PISA2012Data from PISA 2012 - German Sample
escExpected Score Curves Plots
ftabTabulating Answer Categories in Data
gifGraphical Item Fit Plots
grmGraphical Model Check
iffItem information function
kft5Dichotomous example data in Rost 2004
logLik.persS3 logLik for Object of class "pers"
lrtest.persLikelihood Ratio Test for Object of class "pers"
make.incidenzConverting a booklet allocation table into a incidence matrix
Neoffi5Polytomous example data in Rost 2004
pairRasch Item Parameter (Main Function)
pairSEItem Parameter calculation with Standard Errors for...
pairwise.item.fitItem Fit Indices
pairwise-packageRasch Model Parameters with pairwise
pairwise.person.fitPerson Fit Indices
pairwise.SThe Fischer-Scheiblechner Statistic S on item level (Wald...
persWLE - Rasch Person Parameter
plot.grmS3 Plotting Graphical Model Check
plot.pairS3 Plotting Thurstonian Thresholds
plot.pairSES3 Plotting Thustonian Thresholds with SE
plot.persS3 Plotting Person - Item Map
plot.rfaS3 Plotting Rasch Residual Factor Analysis
ptbisPoint Biserial Correlations
QPerson Fit Index Q
q3Q3 Fit Statistic
rfaRasch Residual Factor Analysis
sim200x3Simulated Data
simraSimulate Response Pattern under Dichotomous and Polytomous...
summary.grmS3 Summary for graphical Model Check
summary.pairS3 Summary for item parameter
summary.pair.SS3 Summary for S-statistic Test (Wald Test)
summary.pairSES3 Summary for item parameter with standard errors
summary.pairwise.item.fitS3 Summary for Item-Fit-Statistics
summary.pairwise.person.fitS3 Summary for Person-Fit-Statistics
summary.persS3 Summary for Thetas
summary.rfaS3 Summary for rasch factor analysis
tffTest information function
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