Man pages for partR2
Partitioning R2 in GLMMs

add_CI_colsAdds columns for CI
BeetlesBodyBeetlesBody dataset
BeetlesFemaleBeetlesFemale dataset
BeetlesMaleBeetlesMale dataset
biomassbiomass dataset
bootstrap_allParametric bootstrapping
boot_to_dfList to data.frame with bootstrap samples per row
calc_CICalculates CI from bootstrap replicates
fixef_simpleGet tidy summary of fixed effect estimates
fixvar_of_red_modCalculate fixed effect variance from a reduced model
forestplotPlot a partR2 object
get_bwGet beta weights
get_ndfGet numerator dfs for reduced models
get_ran_varExtracts random effect variances
get_var_compsExtract variance components from merMod.
GrasshoppersGrasshoppers dataset
GuineaPigsGuineaPigs dataset
make_combsCreate list of combination of variables.
mergeR2Merge partR2 objects to combine R2s for main effects and...
model_overdispAdds an observational level random effect to a model, if...
mod_names_partbatchModify term names if partbatch is a named list
partR2Partitioning R2 (R-square) in mixed models
partR2-packagepartR2: Partitioning R2 in generalized linear mixed models
part_R2sCalculate part R2
pipePipe operator
print.partR2Print a partR2 object
R2_peCalculate R2
SC_peStructure coefficients
sim_datasim_data dataset
summary.partR2Complete summary of a partR2 object
var_comps_binaryGet variance components for binomial model with binary...
var_comps_gaussianGet variance components for gaussian model.
var_comps_poissonGet variance components for merMod with poisson response.
var_comps_proportionGet variance components for binomial model with proportion...
with_warningsCaptures and suppresses (still to find out why) warnings of...
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