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Grasshoppers dataset


This is a real dataset from grasshoppers.

This dataset contains data on spatial variation in color morph ratios in a color-polymorphic species of grasshopper (Dieker et al 2018). Individuals of this species occur either in green or a brown color variant and the dataset contains counts of brown and green individuals (seprarated for females and males) from 42 sites sampled in the field. All 'Bio' variables describe various aspects of ecologically relevant climatic conditions (see Karger et al. 2017).


Dieker, P., L. Beckmann, J. Teckentrup, and H. Schielzeth (2018) Spatial analyses of two colour polymorphisms in an alpine grasshopper reveal a role of small-scale heterogeneity. Ecology and Evolution, 8, 7273-7284.

Karger, D. N., O. Conrad, J. Bohner, T. Kawohl, H. Kreft, R. W. Soria-Auza, N. E. Zimmermann, H. P. Linder, and M. Kessler (2017) Data descriptor: Climatologies at high resolution for the earth's land surface areas. Scientific Data, 4, 170122.

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