Man pages for pastis
Phylogenetic Assembly with Soft Taxonomic Inferences

accipitridaeBasicPastisAccipitridae basic data
accipitridaeFullPastisAccipitridae full data
conchmrBayes output interrogator (COnstraint CHecker)
default_output_templateA sample output template for pastis_main and pastis_simple
pastis_data_1Example data 1
pastis_data_2Example data 2
pastis_data_3Example data 3
pastis_data_3_treesExample output
pastis_mainPhylogenetic Assembly with Soft Taxonomic Inferences
pastis-packagePhylogenetic Assembly with Soft Taxonomic Inferences.
pastis_simpleA simplified interface to the main pastis function.
read_inputCalled by create_job to read input files
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