Man pages for
Data Package for 'pathfindR'

biocarta_descriptionsBioCarta Pathways - Descriptions
biocarta_genesBioCarta Pathways - Gene Sets
biogrid_adj_listBioGRID PIN Adjacency List
cell_markers_descriptionsHuman Cell Markers - Descriptions
cell_markers_gsetsHuman Cell Markers - Gene Sets
custom_resultCustom Gene Set Enrichment Results
example_active_snwsExample Active Subnetworks
genemania_adj_listGeneMania PIN Adjacency List
go_all_genesGene Ontology - All Gene Ontology Gene Sets
GO_all_terms_dfGene Ontology - All Gene Ontology Descriptions
intact_adj_listIntAct PIN Adjacency List
kegg_adj_listKEGG PIN Adjacency List
kegg_descriptionsKEGG Pathways - Descriptions
kegg_genesKEGG Pathways - Gene Sets
mmu_kegg_descriptionsMus Musculus KEGG Pathways - Descriptions
mmu_kegg_genesMus Musculus KEGG Pathways - Gene Sets
mmu_string_adj_listMus musculus STRING PIN Adjacency List
myeloma_inputExample Input for Myeloma Analysis (Mus Musculus)
myeloma_outputExample Output for Myeloma Analysis (Mus Musculus)
pathfindR.data_updatesTable of Data for pathfindR
RA_clusteredExample Output for the pathfindR Clustering Workflow -...
RA_comparison_outputSecond Example Output for the pathfindR Enrichment Workflow
RA_exp_matExample Input for pathfindR - Enriched Term Scoring
RA_inputExample Input for the pathfindR Enrichment Workflow -...
RA_outputExample Output for the pathfindR Enrichment Workflow -...
reactome_descriptionsReactome Pathways - Descriptions
reactome_genesReactome Pathways - Gene Sets
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